19 September 2010

Sunday Swooning...

...I am indeed overwhelmed by sheer ecstatic joy right now, the impact of these gorgeous, luxurious suede wedges from Office
oh the mono checks, oh the rich Jewell blue, oh, oh, oh the granny floral tapestry.
I've literally spent the last half hour dribbling over my keyboard,these eyes of mine fixated on the screen in a deep trance.An asteroid could have crashed and burned into earth, pigs may be flying I'm none the wiser...oblivious in fact.Heck Kelly Jones could be sat downstairs at the diner table right now alongside Leonardo Dicaprio and BRMC, nothing and I mean NOTHING, could distract me from simply swooning over these suede beaut's. I'm convinced by purchasing all three pairs (Okays just one pair, I agree buying three pairs is a wee bit excessive, I shall not even entertain such greedy thoughts. She lies)of these Office shoes, that it would inject much fulfilment banishing mundane from my days, and truly enhance my wardrobe, if not indeed whole entire life?To obtain those tapestry wedges would give me such eternal joy.I swear I would never ever need,or crave another pair of shoes ever again-ever.Now think how much more healthier my bank balance would be in the future, by buying THOSE shoes. Investment.It makes complete financial sense right?Plus,I'd be contributing towards the textile industry: keeping a traditional method such as tapestry alive for many years to come,preventing such a highly skilled technique from dying out thus keeping textile designers,and textile graduates in employment (unlike some ex- textile graduates.Points at self)one less signing on/ jobseekers/ dole book dished out,less paper waste thus saving many trees (or at least one tree anywhoo's)keeping the Green Peace gang very happy.
My £68 office shoe purchase is fully justified. I'd be saving the frigging environment, yeah just call me miss Eco warrior...tapestry floral wedges wearing Eco warrior.


Em x said...

Yay shoe porn! I love the blue, gorgeous colour x

daisychain said...


hello, I am home :) xx

LIli said...

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