27 September 2010

Seven days of casual

Yes me doing casual. It wasn't easy I tell you! See I'm the sort girl who will wear a fancy OTT frock and nice patent shoes just for an mundane dentist appointment, dressing down is an alien concept to me. Its far more time consuming and inconvenient for me to do casual it requires much more concentration and problem solving than say a nice tea dress and tights.I envy those girls, you know the ones? Who are comfortable and content to just pull on a T-shirt, leggings and pumps ready to go.How exactly do they do that?
Casual completely baffles me,I end up stressed and lost in confusion when faced with basics, I freak out, panic and end up accessorising the hell out of the whole jeans T-shirt combo. Necklaces throw 'em on, bangles hell yes all the way up to my armpit, scarves why not wear two?Result I end up looking like I've rolled around the floor of Oxfam, or on a good day crashed a pantomime.
Where I live I see so many girls in drab plain grey leggings, dragging their feet around in worn out ugly- uggs and jumpers complete with tent sized hood, clutching on to a bag- of chips from the local greasy spoon, their hair scooped up in a ponytail.Is it any wonder I avoid casual like the plague? I've never seen a good example of casual, to be inspired or motivated to step into casual.So this experience is a whole new learning curb for me actually I recall learning to walk a hell of a lot easier.Evidently I still have a long way to go, I've not even began to dabble with plain leggings and T-shirts, and I have no bloody intention to join the locals and adopt their beloved ensemble of a Nike hoodie, beige uggs and a tray of chips as an accessory. However I'm willing to ditch the vintage delicate dresses and all things patent but only for this week, unless the imaginable occurs and I get attached to this dressing down business.So why the sudden harsh style challenge I hear you ask? It's a dare, and I'm not one to snub a dare nor do I very much enjoy losing.Dressing down I will not be defeated, I'm confident I can crack this one, I shall commit myself fully to casual and slip into those plain leggings and slouchy T-shirt, no matter how much it gives me nightmares and keeps me awake at night.Oh gawd only what? Another six days to go.Joy.
Below is my first attempt at casual, marks out of ten? Hmm I give myself a nice healthy six and a half.

P.S...thank's to all those kind fellow fashion blogger's who helped me solve my problem with the old commenting drama, it's working now.So expect me to be pestering you all soon HA, lucky you!


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

heeeello lassie!!!

Good on ya trying something new. I cant pull of the leggins pumps and T - shirt well at all. I just chuck a parka jacket on or a baggy jumper and boots!

I went out very casual on sat night - first for me too btw! you will see on my latest Blog post! :) xxx

Em x said...

I am rubbish at casual, it just doesn't suit me and i always end up looking more dressy. My boyfriend has never even seen me in a pair of jeans. xxx

daisychain said...

I give you eleventy seven out of ten.
I love your skirt and your pretty pretty face.

prettyneons said...

hiya girls aww thanks,I don't own jeans either em!lol