07 September 2010

Z in my head

How does one know when she has a serious unhealthy impulse online buying (or clicking) problem, as in borderline addiction sort of problem.Answer-when despite having an almighty head spinning, head banging, brain bruising migraine she is remains determined to drag her virtual feet (and heavy head) around online fashion stores despite the bright monitor only contributing towards dizzy dead head.Ahh this is just a minor set back, nothing a little painkiller pill can't solve or dissolve rather (...I chucked two painkillers into my ginger and lime drink-sour? Very!)I down my drink and get myself all in a clicking-click-double click fashion frenzy. First stop Zara.Killer headache, errrm what killer headache?
Okays so the pain was still very much there, though once I began snooping Zara a/w lookbook it began to ease off. Isn't it amazing what a fashion dot com can do? Yep spoon full of Zara makes the medicine go down.

Works wonders, well for the head if not the bank account.Can't have it both ways,and although I'm always known as miss sensible in regards to spending wisely (sometimes) perhaps it's now time to begin making some rare exceptions? Live a little,live on the edge go punk rock wild,and flash the cash in Zara or on Zara.com ( you do realise the latter part is fantasy, in my sick head I have not one but two RED American Express cards, and Brandon Flowers on my arm)why do I fear Z com'in-it is not the most wise method of shop, that pesky basket is just so, well pesky. Plus when shopping online there is no visually impaired, rude sale hungry women elbowing you i.e there's no inspiration to get the hell out, exit and put that purse away!When online it's completely possible to over dose, as the virtual powerful and seducing basket can never buckle under the heavy weight of bulk bought clothes. And therefor your brain doesn't receive that all important, 'umm this basket is beginning to become rather heavy my arms hurt time to empty some contents and call it quits' signal. The signal which prevents a girl from abusing her card and avoid dangerous debt.
Nope I've not succeeded in convincing myself out of this one.
Heck, I've decided I'm filling up that Zara basket.Tonight while in my comfy sweats it's a date with my mouse,card and lack of willpower.Have you seen the kooky bunny T-shirt and shoes? Enough said no room for post dot com guilt. I will not allow an ounce of regret. See ya I'm off! Got my shopping list at the ready...



hiven said...

your drawings are so beautiful

vint junky said...

I'm with you lovely...i need a some kind of delay set up...clickety click online shopping is very dangerous!


Atenea said...

I like the new Zara collection! kisses

kirstyb said...

oh i know what you mean - i want everything that i see xxxx

prettyneons said...

My conclusion has been confirmed by all your comments-Zara rules. Fact.