23 August 2010

Romance is born...again

So I don't know whether you remember when I sat and wrote a long list of fashion pledges, ten fashion pledges to be exact.Admittedly I knew from the get go that I would probably end up breaking five of those ten after five minutes.And I did.
Number seven off my FPL (fashion pledge list)being never to mention Romancewasborn after penning four posts on Luke Sales and Anna Plunketts kooky creations ...did I just use the term kooky? How sloppy of me.For that is such an insult towards Luke and Anna's creativity and talent.Romancewasborn is far more than kooky, kooky is that tweed wearing,lilac haired chain smocking, mumbling insane fifty something woman waiting for the 3A down my local bus stop who hisses like a cat at passers by.
And to my knowledge there is nothing lilac or cat like about romancewasborn. Though one thing the crazy bus stop catwoman and romancewasborn do have in common. That is both are insane,just in different measures (thankfully)lilac looneytunes is insane as in mental health insane and romancewasborn is insane as in oh-my-good-god-genius insane.TAKE DEEP BREATH...Renaissance dinosaurs the fitting forename for Rwb's ss10 collection come on is this not reason enough to fall head over hills in love with Romancewasborn? Assuming you haven't already swooned over past collections.
First thoughts of mine after seeing Rwb's summer collection was how more ready-to-wearable their latest ready to wear ss10 collection was/is.With familiar mass appealing elements such as fringing,dip dye, metallic pleats,exaggerated shoulders,exposed zips,leathers,high waisted denim and dramatic silhouettes it was obvious that this collection was going to kidnap the hearts of not just I and Romancewasborn silent army of fans but also a much bigger crowd,the global mainstream fashion audience.After many a post gushing over Romancewasborn, and writing love letters to Luke and Anna (I'm guessing they must have sent my electronic love letters straight to spam world)I'm ecstatic that these pieces will be available in department stores and that at looooong last the secret is out.
P.S...Romancewasborn I love you.



Em x said...

Wow fab, i love the third one down with the boots x

RedHead said...

just seem your comment on my blog - when you come to london to intern (doing what?) get in touch and we can take the capitol by storm!

pip a la chic said...

How amazing are they?

I actually went to fashion college with Luke...he is one funny guy. He only did one year at my college and then went to study in sydney. Even his designs back then were awesome.

vint junky said...

Yep, you're so right....totally phenomenal!

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Prutha said...

love these styles


follow if you like what u see?


Kat said...

these outfits are soooo great!