25 August 2010

I Khaki

Time to face facts...autumn is arriving she's not one for turning up fashionably late rather the reverse, autumn is outside our front door right now (or where I live anyway's England duh) it's pissing down out there, and on the way to work (which is what I should be doing now)I counted seven yellow crisp leaves scattered on the ground.I fiercely stepped on them in a bitter where-the-heck-has-summer-gone? rage.
I can no longer deny it's that time once again. Time to begin upgrading the wardrobe for wet windy and sometimes warm sunny autumn.
Autumn is the most tricky season to adapt to style wise. Because autumn has a split personality, one day it could be dribbling with rain drops, the next minute sunrays make a sudden appearance beating down on the wet ground.How is one suppose to keep up?It can all become a little exhausting and tedious, constantly peeling off layers just to put them back on again one by one then on again then off, um yeah so you get the idea already.

Back to the autumn wardrobe conundrum,I cannot commit myself to purchasing yet another distressed biker jacket.Year in year out this has always been my first autumn item of choice.I'm not Marlon Brando.If I even see another leather jacket within my personal space I may scream and construct an leather jacket bonfire one of which would make Guy Fawkes blush.I'm running out of the confides of my comfy fashion zone. Fuck yeah I'm feeling daring!
I've purchased a khaki trench coat.Okays so that might not be your version of daring, but for me it's as brave (if not braver) than free falling only the khaki is the dominant force as opposed to gravity. I'm a khaki trench coat virgin. I always consider the khaki trench coat combo as too conservative, too nineties brit pop, too Oasis brothers and too anything but me.However I need to give the leather jacket a deserved break.The thought of having any utilitarian fabric near my skin makes my skin, well it makes it crawl, I shudder with the thought of zipping up any sort of active wear, parka or trench coat.However while grabbing one very over priced sandwich at M&S
this trench coat caught my eye and those Chloe runway images of Freja Beha and Katie Fogarty ( aka the two most drop dead gorgeous gals) effortlessly working khaki popped up in my minds eye. I ditched the sandwich, dug my double digit size out and now have Khaki trench for erm lunch.And to my surprise I'm not finding Khaki too hard to digest.Though I don't look quite as cool in Khaki as those Chloe girls.
Nevertheless while I'm feeling all adventurous I've decided to continue with the Khaki theme and am now deciding whether to go for the khaki kill, and buy these £25.00 lace up's from Peacocks? No don't worry I'm not about to champion Peacocks again, and break yet another fashion pledge off my FPL (fashion pledge list).So honestly what do you think?Khaki trench the new biker jacket?Yes,no perhaps? Opinions below please...


Laura Tenshi said...

I actually love autumn, my favorite season so, I am sorry you feel this way about it. For me summer is the most boring season when it comes to fashion. It's too hot and I can't come up with any good outfits, but when it's autumn, I have the best of both worlds. It's warm so I can wear basically the same clothes I do in summer but in the evening I can add a scarf or a trench coat or even boots. It's such a versatile season, you can wear anything from your wardrobe and the fact that all days are different it gives me a chance to put my imagination at work to keep up with this moody season.
Good thing you bought a kaki trench coat, I am sure you'll find many ways to wear it this fall.

Vintage Vixen said...

You do make me titter! I hate this time of year and want summer back.
My transitional outfit is the usual maxi dress which I'll tuck in my knickers if the sun ever comes out again.
I have a frightening array of second-hand coats which I get dry- cleaned at the end of winter, keep 'em wrapped up and act all surprised when I tear off the polythene. xxx

prettyneons said...

aw Laura good point I need to be more pos about autumn...but gawwwd it's a pain in the arse !

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prettyneons said...

dude I get it already spam please stop!
:/ - this is my mad face
now go away.

...not you girls but 'ed' down there.