20 June 2009

It's Way Out There!

photo: Bazaar June 09
photo: Dazed & Confused September 07

photo: Dazed & Confused September 07

It's way out there
But I don't care
'Cause this is what
I want to wear
'Purple Stain' Red Hot Chili Peppers

Today I'm experiencing a case of 'wardrobe playlist', an all familiar experience I've mentioned before. When your outfit depends on which tunes your currently listening to, and this morning it was Red Hot Chili Pepper, Californication album (classic and my most beloved album, or one of them any way!).
My style was inspired by an combination of both the bold attitude of the lyrics (above) and the pictures in my scrap book, which I so happened to trip over (being the clumsy mess I often am) alas fate.
Its all to easy to erase fabulous fashion editorials, when frequently so many are churned out! However there are always an select couple which will forever remain etched onto my brain.Completely stubborn images refusing to budge and fade, impossible to erase.

Some of the pic's above are from what I suppose can be now filed under 'vintage' Dazed & Confused' Sep '07 issue (oh how it continues to be my religion, when I first discovered this magazine I was in year seven at my hell of an high school. There were no blatant 'alternative' individuals as such, they didn't appear until about year ten. Ramble, ramble where was I? Being a Dazed & Confused virgin. Yes so I often felt an outcast, misfit, too different and uncomfortable with this undefined style I had carved out for myself.It was one conundrum and challenging time excepting and embracing
my style. Disliking, disliking popular culture if this makes sense!? Soon as I was introduced to the world of Dazed & Confused by my then best friends older rock & roll loving brother. I excepted it really was fine, if not perfect being that little bit odd ball and quirky).
This issue reminded me why, I was so very hell bent on penning emails and even writing old fashioned letters to the Dazed & Confused crew begging them to allow me to contribute in some form or another. Even making cups of tea I still would have been quite content and proud of myself. By the way Dazed & Confused I'm patiently awaiting for that 'come on board' invitation: nudge nudge, wink wink!
Enough with my ongoing love affair with Dazed & Confused.

The other fierce and stud-tastic pic's are editorials from Harper's Bazaar June '09 issue.
This publication I find more often then not extremely, extremely intimidating ( fashion magazines are there to provide escapism as I understand it. But Bazaar is too ridiculously unrealistic,surely this also applies for those lucky sods who have disposable incomes?) strikes fear deep within me.
I avoid upper class Harpers, and all its it girl, royalty fash packs contents and coverage of the swanky, events and lavish like London scene. Erghhhh! Skip and snub.
Though the decision to purchase the June issue was one mighty rare exception, because it featured the 'White Noise' editorial with photography by Cliff Watts, who I worship and would be prepared to sacrifice my whole entire world for...well I'd be willing to sacrifice my T-shirt collection for, if not my actual universe?

In short ( Too late isn't it?I've already wrote too much haven't I? Why? Why is it I fail keeping my posts short and sweet? Honestly I do attempt to edit the staggering word count down to a tidy minimum...not my intention to consume all of your time. Please do feel free to scan read any of my posts, as admittedly I'm incapable of typing one short paragraph). These pictures from both Dazed & Confused and Harper's Bazaar, along with Red Hot Chili Peppers are to blame for this bright acid green nail paint. Of which I've splashed across my chipped nails, and DC you've some explaining to do, its all your fault for this worn out Disney character (Mickey his girl, and Pluto) T-shirt I'm wearing ( found in yep you've guessed it: Salvationarmy!) with 'I can be fierce' wet look leggings.
I really cannot pull off the fierce tough chic look, I simply resemble my inner dork instead.

By the by just in case you also adore the vibrant items (above) yet unlike moi you can actually obtain them( when your loading your basket, spare me a thought!?) 'Tis where they are hiding..
Giant knit jumper from, nastygal
Bag from, ladyluck
multi print dress from, Miso
Bow pearls from Dotty K
Floral shorts from Rachel Corney

PS..My font thingy is up the wall: I'm not feeling this style.


Enep said...

great pics! :)

prettyneons said...

Cheers my dears!

Annie said...

this is such a great post! love the sweater in the third photo, and those floral shorts are spectacular.

Chels said...

hah love that "When your outfit depends on what tunes you listen to"

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous photos, darling! Loving that Dazed & Confused pic so!


prettyneons said...

Hey my girlie's ...glad you like these colourful pics as much as I so do!
Hope your all having a good weekend!!!!=)
Me? I'm baking cakes, whilst listening to some mighty fine tunes such as, middle class rut! Whoop!
happy Saturday to all ;)
PeAce & Cake mixture...
Moi X

Anonymous said...

I love that baggy jumper, and the crazy floral shorts. You live in Sussex? I'm down in the East Sussex area, near Brighton!

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

fell in lurve with that bambi bag there, it's uber cute !!!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Love the pics! And so much like you, I have some designs just tattooed to my brain also! The sweater/dress is beautiful, only that it is so incredibly hot here that I can't even imagine wearing the lightest cardigan! Lol.


Demi said...

just to let you know i'm finally back - free from exams honey! :)

greaaattt photos!
and thanks for the lovely comments!


Silje said...

I like the light and the make up in the first two pictures!=)


Dazed & Confused has amazzzing visual delightsss... Fab weekend darling! ~XO*

prettyneons said...

Hello's magic doll, oh my days yeah I live in east Sussex too, in a very brain numbing village!
prettyneons X

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

i loooove the oversice sweater, the bag, and the floral shorts.
I always love your choices...

joliedove said...

You have a lovely blog - i really like your title picture too!!

butterfly said...

Seriously, get that book! It is so interesting :) I think fashion does have depth to an extent. Its definately getting more academic coverage now which is great. And yeaaah, Kate Moss, over-hyped for sure. I love Dazed & Confused..I've subscribed to the DazedDigital newsletter...any magazine that uses imagination in their fashion shoots gets my vote.

Ivania said...

I havre that too! Nothing to wear, I puit on my favorite music, and it works wonders!!

Demi said...

thanks for the lovely comment honey, and I am going completely crazy over those high-waisted floral shorts! mmm, I need! <3

DaisyChain said...

Great pics missy! One of my customers had the most amazing bag on Saturday that reminded me of you, I asked her where she got it from
"oh, it's actually a baby changing bag, I just couldn't leave it in the shop".
She was 8 months pregnant though, so she kind of has an excuse to be shopping in such places.

But still. It was an amazing bag and I wish I had a pictur eof it!

Kandace said...

There are a couple editorials that I adore and that I always think about. One was the Jourdan Dunn and Lily D in British Vogue, shot by Nick Knight. Absolutely stunning. I also tend to really like what Numero does. It's so much more interesting than the elitist boring photo shoots you find in Vogue. Anyway I've never seen Dazed in person. I guess I'll have to check it out.

prettyneons said...

Hiya, oh yeah do its amazing !