23 June 2009

Not Bad For Tuesday

Super quick rapid post from me today folks, my PC is still acting rebellious just completely cutting off when it desires. Already whilst attempting to pen this post my computer has crashed twice.
So no enormous OTT descriptive long word count from me today.
Anywho's I was suppose to have a meeting today up or rather down (my lack of geography knowledge is disgusting) in London, I was about to begin the commute when my mobby ring- and - a-dinged informing moi it had been called off and moved to Thursday instead. Feeling a little lost as I'm waiting for printing equipment to arrive there for unable to make any progress with my designing. What should one do? Design development for the following collection I suppose would be both productive and proactive, until I was surprised by my aunt who called in and paid a visit. 'Fancy going to the seaside, and shopping?' 'erm no I shouldn't, really must crack on with work' then my mum encourages me, 'go on have a break you work day and night seven days a week, when did you last see the sun? Make the most of it'
'YES YES YES I'd love to clock out and see the sun and shops! Let me grab my shades!' Off I went running towards the car like a mad fashion retail deprived woman.

My lovely, lovely aunt spoiled me and bought this Redherring cartoon villain tee! The day was complete with the purchase of those posh 'gourmet' jelly bean factory sweets...I'm very easily pleased.

photo: Redherring tee


Diary of a Young Designer said...

love the tee and my sister says the same thing about my and my working habits! ^-^


kirstyb said...

Love the tee xoxox

LoveMarksTheSpot said...

you really are just sooo cute! love everything about you:) thanks for the comments and happy contesting!! much luck and love,


prettyneons said...

Hi Oh chucks thank you luv, so so kind =)
prettyneons X

DaisyChain said...

that is a damn fantastic tee

Winnie said...

Hope your PC gets better!

Re: I have loved incubus for years too, I've seen them three times live I think?

Karisma said...

What a rocking tee! My macs been playing up as well! And I have a very dodgy internet connection in my area... ;-)
All hail the pen and paper!

prettyneons said...

LOL yes indeed hail pen and paper ha ha ha!
Hope your alright hun=)
prettyneons X

Silje said...

I like the t-shirt!=)

Irene said...

Oooh, what a lovely tee! I want ^^ I love superheroes, haha.