13 June 2009

Creative Minds Think Alike

Oh how this creative creature (moi) is suffering from a) lack of sleep and b) bad case of creative block: nothing much is pouring from these pencils and pens of mine today. I'm afraid my scrapbook will have to starve this Saturday and deal with the harsh neglect (I aggressively shoved it into my desk draw) its receiving from me.
What with the inspiration escaping my veins and soul today, along with heavy eyelids (I've not slept through the whole entire night in what feels like forever. Soon as I shut my eyes I get ideas, so I stumble towards my desk in the vain hope of writing and sketching these blurry ideas down. Before I go and forget them.Often I have extreme cases when right there at 3:30am I'll turn my lamp on get all my equipment out, switch the late night rock show on and get on with the task in hand...beginning a new piece of work) I've spent hours making up my prettyneons labels, all from scratch! I'm a complete perfectionist (always at risk of over doing it) and began cutting up my material into a very specific size. Followed by hand writing the labels ( I know, I know buy a bloody label maker! I've tried and tested this: not too keen on the results the labels lacked soul. Labels should have soul, be special and be all lovely.After all they're pretty important!).
Hmmm yes anywhos, I've competed all the labels cut them, printed them, and hand stitched most of them to my designs.

Yesterday I met up with Yummy Culture dedicated 100% to highlighting creative creatures...or should that be creative cows( do have a snoop and all shall be explained) and their creative needs. Needless to say if your either an artist, fashion designer, musician anyone who is prone to creative block and struggling to get your creative dream and goal off the ground, and in the desperate need for exposure GO pay Yummyculture a visit!
yummyculture and prettyneons are collaborating together with one very, very, very exciting project sketched up for the near future (which will benefit and eventually involve all you highly creative guys and 'gals) one massive project in fact, that will certainly have a positive impact on the creative world.Yummyculture and I are busy as bees (or busy as cows?) working and developing on right this minute.

It makes perfect, perfect sense for us (prettyneons and yummyculture) to team up, because were both passionate about creativity, exploring, encouraging and exposing little creative creatures. With the aim of converting others (when I say others, I'm referring to those people lacking any sort of creative bone in their body. With no desire of listening or helping artists, designers, writers etc) to take creativity seriously. As so often creativity is mocked, snubbed and ignored ( and like my scrap book) shoved to one side.
Especially here in the UK, where there are endless creative based degree courses available. Only one slight catch, when finally you step out of university with that precious degree certificate (that your so very proud of, and which you've worked your ass off for since you were at high school trying to achieve those A* grades) the reality is there are no (or very few and very far between) opportunities to climb that golden, creative career ladder as once promised. Why? Well basically the very few creative ladders which are available, are of course prioritized for daughters of has been pop/rock star fathers. Penning pointless poor features in newspapers and fashion publications, all this before churning out a very average fashion designer collaboration and a spot of modeling.

Never mind all those hundreds and thousands of individuals who have slaved away and studied for years on end, putting a social life on hold. Wanting to party, 'live it up' but instead opt for completing that assignment/ project handing it in for the original and tight dead line ( no extensions granted). This is a pattern which continues for many, many years from college through to university. From the average age of sixteen to twenty three/ twenty four.During those tough years of hard grafting, you don't question or doubt your decision to continue with 'higher education'. There is very little time for doubt when meeting those vital deadlines, you convince yourself that all the talk and brainwashing on the 'endless possibilities which University can provide and give you a brighter future' from your ninth grade teacher at high school is fact.
I'll study, cry blood sweat and tears damn it,this will all be worth the effort one day.

Erm..not so it seems here in England.
Where sadly the amount of unemployed graduates rise and soar year after year, especially music graduates, journalist graduates, multi media graduates, fashion graduates-creative cleaver graduates. I suppose it doesn't help that there is this blatant gap in England, where we depressingly do not make or produce anything anymore. Hence why such a high volume of creative graduates are greeted, only by these false economy style jobs.


I've been compiling an awful lot of research together the subject obviously being the above why are creative graduates falling at the way side?
I've been contacting graduates from as far back as three years ago (thanks for all your help guy's;) this was indeed a long and challenging process. I've also found creative graduates within my local area who have failed to find their ideal and degree related job. Their working in supermarkets,care homes and cold calling. Shockingly many more are down the jobcentre claiming jobseekers allowance. Because many have been turned down by supermarkets for being over qualified. Shops fear that if they employ a graduate they will become restless and wave goodbye: wasting their precious time.
Yes we will abandon Tescos (other supermarkets are available) soon as the career of our dreams appear, though a nine to five job at Tescos with minimum wage will do as a way of means until then. Plus it beats existing on jobseekers allowance, and would all in all cost the government far less.
Cant Brown and his trusty (cough, cough) gang do mathematics?

All this wasted creative talent must come to an end, no?


Chels said...

wow depressing!

prettyneons said...

Its only a fact, not depressing.
prettyneons X

Chels said...

ha oh no its fine and it's true :) I'm graduating next year trying to figure out what I'm gonna be when I grow up ha if I grow up...
x chels

M. and O. said...

Thanks for u'r comments :DD

New's on the blog of Two French Fashionistas, Olivia&Mariam,
the next designers of this generation, an Interview of a french boy
who loves fashion Jorel.
Come On and see his amazing Style.
See Ya, xoxo


butterfly said...

As someone coming to end of the first year of my degree...I'm blimmin scared about my prospects once I leave. Good post :)

prettyneons said...

Hi all, oh dear what have I gone and done...sorry all current graduates, as long as you have some sort of back up plan I'm sure your be fine!x

I didn't sooo...yeah stuck really!

prettyneons X

butterfly said...

Thanks...still gotta decide which pair to wear on the day haha! Think I might go for the wedges for the height factor.

Don't worry, I was already aware how difficult it is to get into the industry anyway and definately at the moment. Something to work at and not be put off by, because it is possible to get in, just takes more persistence. Thankfully I finished a few weeks ago, so been free to enjoy the good weather.

prettyneons said...

Oh good, good glad your studies are over, that is a nightmare when the weather is so nice!
Go for the wedges hun!!!LOL!;)

prettyneOns X

Diary of a Young Designer said...

darling I feel your pain and rant with you! Not only the creative careers are suffering from this, others are equally as bad. I graduated from Civil Engineering last year, passed the license test, went crazy during that 5 yr degree to keep my grades top of the class, and now believe it was all worth nothing. You can't search for a job elsewhere b/c you are totally over qualified for absolutely everything. Why won't anyone give us recent grads a chance!! Uff, lol that was on heck of a rant there, sorry for that. Just had to say I couldn't agree more with you. ^-^


prettyneons said...

Oh Sophie, I know, EXACTLY how your feeling.
The reason why I felt compelled to pen this feature is because of people like you and myself, Stuck in the same awful boat!
Things will change, because they have too, its just a case of us creative people pulling together and exposing the issue.


Anonymous said...

It is sad to work so hard, only to end up working for the man. I work in a pharmacy, which seems like it might be better than working in a supermarket, except that the pharmacy is inside of a supermarket. And of course, Americans are atrociously rude.
But you and Yummy Culture have inspired me to keep looking for ways to earn a living without selling my soul to corporate America.

prettyneons said...

Yay! I'm so glad you've been inspired, supermarkets will not get the better of us my hun, noooo they wont!

PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneons XX

Karisma said...

Oh yes, ma Pretty Neon hits the nail on the head everytime! I've been meeting some very cool and ambitious people from other creative industries too. You know one thing we all have in common, we all want to make a name for ourselves, and have some recognition for what we do huh? Not just blend into the canned veggies aisle and occasionally be woken from the dead to tell her where she can find canned veggies.

One small hurdle we'll have to overcome though is that we as individuals may never realise our dreams (mind you anything is possible so don't hold me to that).

I've wrapped up and burned all selfish desires for money, fame whatever. I think the man was relying on me not too. The man relies on us to stay divided, to fight against each other, compete with one another and bring each other down. But boy, they got another thing coming with this yummyness bubbling up.

I believe that together, as a big youthful, creative team, we can make a very decent living from what we do. Every ship needs a captain, that I do agree with. The difference with yummyculture is that our Captain is The Creator and I know we can all work equally and humbly under that knowledge.

For yummyculture the search continues for young independent people who have a product or service to offer. Please get in contact with moi, Karisma, at yummyculture@gmail.com and be at the forefront of this beautiful revolution.


Jojo said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am indeed one of those depressing statistics. I graduated last year with a degree in English and Journalism. I would love to go into fashion journalism but would be perfectly happy to land any job in any part of journalism really. It does make you think was it all worth it, I'm nowhere nearer to landing my dream job whereas friend sthat didn't go to Uni are doing well and are making their way up the career ladder. How annoying...

Sorry for the long rant...

Love Jojo xx

prettyneons said...

Hello's jojo,
Oh no please do rant feel free to have a rant whenever you want to!
Hell I rant enough ha ha.

Mmm yeah my pals are up on the career ladder too, and they never continued their studies.
It really is terrible and you feel as if you've some how been cheated and fooled.
PeAce & LuV*
prettyneons X

DaisyChain said...

I so know what you mean.

I cannot wait to see what you two creative souls produce!


prettyneons said...

You my friend will be the first to know about it, *promise*.
PeAce & BoWs..
prettyneOns XxX

Irene said...

I know what you mean. Aw, I hope you get inspiration soon! :/

Mo said...

i think you completely captured the plight of us outside-the-box thinkers. it is sad, but still we cling to the hope that we just get a lucky break and soem amazing company (like say, Conde Nast) gets a hearing of our work and scopes us out to higher us...a girl can dream though...:)