02 July 2010

Back to the playground

Gingham, gingham, ging-ham how I just can't get over you if anything the gingham romance just continues to blossom on a daily basis. How I cannot thank those daring 17th-century explorers enough for bringing the newly discovered gingham cloth all the way from Indonesia.If it wasn't for them this world would be ginghamless.
Gasp. Imagine, no Christopher Kane SS 10...very disturbing thought indeed.
I can't imagine my wardrobe, my life without the company of gingham, I don't want to imagine.Gingham first came to my attention when I was very young, being poorly and having to miss a day off pre-school my dear mum in an attempt to cheer me up brought home Wizard of OZ.Gingham crush formed.I saved up all my pocket money to buy a pair of blue gingham canvas trainers from Woolworths (RIP), despite lacking the knowledge on how to tie up my shoe laces.Being both naive and highly imaginative I planted this crazy idea into my head that once I owned some blue gingham I would be transported to Kansas where my very own Wizard of Oz adventure awaited me.
By the time I hit five I was smitten with the G-stuff and ecstatic about my spring/summer school uniform being nothing other than a baby blue gingham cotton dress! From January onwards I would count down the days to spring eager to skip around the playground in my blue gingham, pretty frilly white ankle socks and rainbow glitter jelly sandals.

board by prettyneons

Those playground days are sadly over, however my enthusiasm for all things gingham remains (by the by I've ditched the glitter jelly sandals)hence my obsession with Kanes cheeky, naughty gingham frocks. Yes, yes I know *yawn for Christopher Kanes SS 10 is (in fashion years)now old news it's been splashed across numerous magazines, featured on several blogs e-t-c -e-t-c- e-t-c it's all about next years trends and collections. Well sorry but I'm not yet prepared to erase those bubblegum pink transparent,curve -contouring sexy gingham frocks.I love how Kane has took the once innocent pure gingham and cut the Wizard of Oz kansas cutie ties to achieve a smart and ever so slightly trashy (thanks to those thigh-high slits) all grown up seductive gingham.
So back off school kids,gingham dresses are for us adults too!


Twila's Vintage said...

Love these designs! And your mixed look below!!



Will forever love those Kane dresses. Amazing!

Em x said...

I think you could actually be me! I looove a bit of gingham, sadly i can't fit into my dresses now but they are stored away for next summer. I miss my school summer dresses, i loved to wear them as soon as i possibly could x

Helga! said...

Gingham rocks!