24 June 2010

Colour vs Sound Clash

I've explained before how more often than not the one strong influence upon my wardrobe choice is often my music playlist.Every once and a while I may have a different source of inspiration,but mainly my daily outfits/ style depends on which tune/artist/band I stumble upon when shuffling through numerous songs and albums.Today it was a case of serious musical mash up, I began my morning with blasting out The Breakfast Club soundtrack, followed yet again by MGMT hence the colour clash,yup my bizarre ensemble was indeed heavily influenced by my bizarre early morning sound clash.I've given my nod and eighties approval in the form of these bad boy exaggerated shoulders: big enough for a small aircraft to take off into flight.
Then there's the other half of my outfit two words.Wyngarden effect.
I'm showing off (I apologise for no pics, camera batteries died on me) my DIY skillllz, wearing a pair of acid pink and electric blue jeans...slowly I'm fighting and overcoming the denim demons, if you had asked me a year ago to sport jeans I would have laughed in your face and legged it, always opting for a dress or skirt (ignorance is bliss) convinced jeans were dull,lazy and no fun.How wrong was the 2009 me?Jeans, trousers, leggings,jeggings they all have the ability to provide creative style fun for I am not at all limited. If anything it means I have to really exercise my creativity, as jeans/trousers etc require more imagination than if I were to chose a dress.From now on I pledge to dabble with the denim,I'll record my progression here...trial and error springs to mind.


RedHead said...

I LOVE everything about The Breakfast Club. I went through a phase of scouring charity shops and vintage shops to find a top like Claire's.
And I regularly clean at work to 'We Are Not Alone', then re-create the girls' foot-shuffle move by myself.

prettyneons said...

OMG the foot-shuffle is one of my fave fave scenes that and the scene when they all run up and down the hall. Oh and the end is obvioulsy pretty damn good too.
Come to think of it the whole film is just epic!
prettyneons x

Em x said...

My god i love The Breakast Club. You look gorgeous in your photo chick.

I saw Mary this week, i just think she is some kind of retail genius! xxx

Kristin said...

I NEED to see that DIY when you're camera is back up and running!

prettyneons said...

hi girls.

Yup mary is a retail god.

And I shall try and remember to post pic of DIY denims sooney ;)

prettyneons X

Jonna said...

I'm not a fan of jeans but 'acid pink and electric blue jeans' sounds good! Hope to see them soon :D

Lovely picture, the colourful shirt is amazing! x

TaraRose said...

thanks for the pretty words. they make me happy :) music is so influential no matter what!!! DIY tye dye blue and pink. oh lord i love clashing colours they make me cry cue to there beauty! post pictures as soon as you can!!!!
oh and no need to sound pushy or anything but PLEASE FOLLOW?!

prettyneons said...

hahaha yeah I will show them jeans at some point I'm just adding some more touches to them.
Of course I'll follow your, blog I read it daily anyways though ;)

prettyneons x

Annie Spandex said...

I love it!! xx Clash away!

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Hey chicka..

Good to see you back and i can sure feel your MGMT inspiration- I love a colour clash!

Hope all is good :)

Peace & love x

Glowing Doll said...

I love your dress!!!!!!

And the Breakfast Club (and it's soundtrack) is just classic.

vint junky said...

I love the Breakfast club, i love MGMT and i LOVE this colour clash.... very mcQueen!!


prettyneons said...

Hi gals I can't believe how many of you are also fans of that film!!

And Vint Junky your right it is very mcQueen...only I believe it was from Tesco's...sshh don't tell anyone ;)

have a super monday all
prettyneons X

Jojo said...

I love what you're wearing. I'm so glad you have started posting pics of yourself.

Loves it.

Jojo xxxxxxxxxx

Courtney said...

What an amazing little blog you have here!
The drawings are all to die for ♥
i'm only a little obsessed!
keep up the great work! :)

kirstyb said...

lovely x

prettyneons said...

aww thanks courtney thats such a cool super kind comment <3

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