14 June 2010

Here she goes again

I know, I know, I know don't I have something better to pen about other than purse friendly Peacocks?
Your answer is yes I do lots,actually I have so much to write and share with you that it's rather naughty of me (and some could say self indulgent?) to keep championing Peacocks.I'm guilty of forever declaring my lurrrv for the fashion budget chain and also guilty of attempting to convert hardcore label lovers to raid Peacocks sale rails. So from now on (once I'm done with this post)I swear to stop with the Peacocks preaching I'll keep it zipped, no more of that P-word coming from this mouth nope nope nope...not until the next Pearl Lowe installment.
However I am about to declare my love for THAT low fashion budget store just one more time, you know one for the road and all that jazz! So if budget highstreet fashion makes you shudder word of warning look away now...

photos by prettyneons

Check out the eye popping, retro style curtain print! Oh how it make my heart skip a fashion beat, I was lucky enough to get my paws on this granny inspired handbag sharpish, I'm not much of an impulse buyer (really I'm not!) but sometimes in life you have to make exceptions:and this bag sure is worhty.
More often than not when it comes to accessories from cheap fashion stores, looks can indeed be deceiving, I went through a rather stubborn snobbish phase of refusing to purchase both shoes and bags from such places, because it was always so disappointing when after only just one use buckles, straps and buttons fall off and before you can say cheap the whole item falls apart. This would explain my obsessive compulsive quality testing, which I religiously put into practice.
This Peacocks bag isn't just pretty, the quality is top's too what makes this bag so very attractive is the design details and superb finishing which can easily give the big guns a run for their money.In a brief experiment (no animals were tested in this process)I gave my bag a test drive, and annoyed some trend conscious teens by asking them where they believe the bag was purchased from,with absolute no hints coming from moi. The results were interesting with more than half the gals (umm and one boy)who inspected my Peacocks bag utterly convinced its origins were either Riverisland or Missselfridge. Not bad eh? Not bad at all for a humble handbag from Peacocks which only costs (insert drum roll please) £12.

P.S...On another hundred percent unrelated note,I'd just like to say thank you to all you gals who visit this blog although and admittedly posts have been few and far between along with comments from me- to- you which have also been non-existent.This is due to personal life drama. I promise hand over heart no more slacking off.
Thanks again you all know who you are <3


kirstyb said...

that bag is so cute xxxx

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

adoring the bag! And I also tend to avoid the cheap shoes and accessories.

Hope all's going well dear!


prettyneons said...

thanks my hun's ;)
prettyneons x