21 June 2010

Keeping it clean

So you all know what it's like when your a fashion blogger the old inbox gets full of those all too familiar transparent emails...dear (insert your name here) we follow your blog (you lie!) and love your fashion posts (name one, go on I dare you)we'd be grateful if you could feature (insert rubbish fashion item/collection/designer/label etc)on your fabulous (...eurrgh fabulous? Really, did you really just use that fashion chat up line? Who's this email from? Patsy darling? ) fashion blog.
I have one rule in regards to blog content I will only ever feature fashion goodies which are well,good if the item is off beat even better, hand it over here I will happily pen about it until my computer rejects me. I don't and won't ever write about something I dislike. It's simple if I wouldn't have it in my wardrobe it ain't going on this blog, I couldn't care how designer or 'fabulous' it is or how many samples they send my way.Hmm yeah I'm a fashion fuss pot.

So it was refreshing to receive a special email inside my inbox from Kenneth Cole who is lending a hand in the Gulf clean up by launching an online custom T-shirt store. Environmentally-minded fashion fans will be able to customize a shirt in the exclusive Facebook store and 100% of net profits will be donated to AWEARNESS, The Kenneth Cole Foundation, which is committed to supporting the Gulf efforts.
Now that's what I call fashion savvy.
I'm so so pleased that my little blog has been asked to back such an amazing and important campaign, which is a whole load of fun may I just add.I like how the Kenneth Cole campaign is interactive and creative: I spent ages customizing my T-shirt such a blast!
I won't preach how vital it is to donate,as we are all aware how tragic the gulf situation is, and we all know how important our world our environment is. So just please gals practice those fashion skills and get designing your T-shirt's whenever you have some free time and spare pennies in your purse.I've made it nice and easy for prettyneon readers to contribute, simply click on the Kenneth Cole billboard badge to your right.

peace X


RedHead said...

I never get those, I just get loads from 'African banks'. Ugh, even my alter-ego is unpopular.

Helga! said...

Yeah,all get is ones from "African" banks too.....

prettyneons said...

hahaha oh I know I've had them too, that and randoms trying to get over to the UK.

Audrey Allure said...

Such a great campaign, I'm glad Kenneth Cole is trying to do something to help the oil spill - even if it's through fashion.

prettyneons said...

Much agreed, I hope it does really well, besides doesn't everyone heart clothes? It's an easy effortles donation to make.
prettyneons x

Glowing Doll said...

I get lots of crap in my inbox too. Unfortunately the good stuff is usually invites to events that I can't attend (well could if I had the money to fly back to the UK every other week!)

This sounds really cool I'm going to go customise a shirt now.

prettyneons said...

oh cool glowing doll do it, do it.
I made mine cannot wait for it to arrive *excited*
prettyneons X