19 June 2010

Weekend Wars

Hello girls happy weekend hows your weekend going, good I hope? I'm currently recovering from extreme food poisoning, it was self inflicted foolishly self inflicted I was oblivious that the sour cream and chive deep I splashed over my summer salad was in fact three days old and out.I was vomiting so damn hard and frequently,I convinced myself I'd be ringing the bell at deaths door any time soon.Thankfully I remain very much alive and(almost) kicking.I staggered to work this morning pale (some things never change) with a light tone of green in my complexion, all day I've been running on empty. To pull me through I've been getting my psychedelic groooooove onto some vintage MGMT, with 'Weekend Wars' on repeat.
My choice of tunes has had a rather bizarre and surreal effect on my wardrobe...

After work I made a quick trolley dash around the shops for fathers day, desperate to be more original than previous years...happy fathers day Dad here's another book on the rolling stones, not forgetting the socks.Anywho's after picking my brains for gift ideas, fighting the weekend crowds,Saturday shopoholics and avoiding trolley/pram collisions (frightening stuff may I add)I finally purchased a basket of goodies for fathers day. When a very seductive sale rail caught my magpie eye.
The sale contents consisted of neon animal print tee's,sequin shorts and graffiti tribal print dresses all of the above I'd normally avoid like those pesky broken three wheeled trolleys and enormous 4x4 prams. However under the influence of MGMT I felt compelled if not possessed by the Wyngarden demon to be bold and dabble with the unknown. A fashion acid trip so to speak.


Em x said...

Ohmygod, those red tights are amazing! x

prettyneons said...

LOL LOL thanks hun :) I' wearing them today with the dress and yellow stud boots, complete with feather/studded homemade bangles LOL. I'm going for the trippy circus style for today
prettyneons X

Jojo said...

Hey hun,

How are you??

I love that dress, the print on it is great.

How's everything going??

Love Jojo xxxx

prettyneons said...

Hiya jojo!:)
Aww I'm good thanks love.
Yeah I saw this dress in Tesco's would you believe it?
Hey did you get my 'tip off' hehe, about those shoes?
prettyneons X

chloe said...

that dress looks amazing! it looks like a dress that will have lots of adventures, hope you enjoy wearing it! x

herry said...

doing that small things which gives you joy


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