15 June 2010

Maxed Out

Hmm so I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has noticed all those festival snap shots in many a fashion glossy magazine, a bombardment of beach babe models and other 'famous' beings elegantly floating around in their fashionable maxi frocks. Sigh. For they make it look so easy don't they? As if minimum effort is required, they simply slide into their maxi dress heyho they're ready to go and wow the fashion pap's.
I'll be the first to admit I have serious maxi envy.
There's just no avoiding the bloody things: every summer year in-year out, I just know I'm going to encounter a wave of maxi dresses and apart from oohh shelter myself indoors ans skip the summer season, there is nowt I can do about the situation. Each summer I ponder,weigh out the possibilities and consider embracing a maxi (if you can't beat 'em join 'em)then I remember I'm not even five foot tall. And this is where the drama err I mean nightmare begins...

The much adored Maxi looks fanfriggingtastic on all those Vogue girls,with their loong slender boyish straight up straight down figures with the added bonus of being blessed with great height. However I do not have pins all the way up to my armpits hence why the Maxi causes mayhem for me,forever cropping up various challenging issues

Problem 1:The long length is an hazard-I would forever be picking the hem and myself up off the floor.

Problem 2:All maxi dresses within my price range are cut terrible,the straps are never level and are always too flimsy result- exposure of undies...not good.

Problem 3: Most maxi dresses are very narrow- and not very generous for us gals with hour glass-esque figures...I don't wish to highlight these hips (inherited by my great Italian nan who I never met but she's giving me a gift that just keeps on giving...these giant hips!Cheers nan).

Despite my fear, and painful past maxi experiences which involve stumbling over numerous times (cutting and bruising my knees in the process)avoiding a close brush with death when the bottom of my floor sweeping maxi somehow got chewed up by an automatic train door. I'm foolishly willing to flirt with the mother of all summer wear...the monster maxi. Eekk the thought is ever so daunting, I much prefer to keep my skirts short above these knobbly knees thank you.In the name of research I've been compiling my maxi research, stalking every maxi supplier out there. I've decided it would probably be wise to invest in a well fitting authentic seventies style maxie dress, vintage if poss.I have many a vintage style summer wedge sandal which would make bff with my maxi and more importantly extend these short legs of mine. After browsing website after website, shop after shop, placing naughty bids on pre-loved, I've narrowed my options down to four (narrowing doesn't have to be quite so narrow-ish).
I'm in love with the seventies pastel crochet maxi (num 2)only problem being this beaut of a maxi (below) has also possessed my heart

image from asos.


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

me and the maxi will never go! sad times!!

Im all good my lovely, how are you and the new pad ?

Thanks for your kind comments (as always) im glad i went short and blonde as really needed a change- get that red on your head girl

i got into college - yeah :) BUT it's not as simple as that- long.... story ha! thanks for bein interested :)

peace & love x

Em x said...

I've always avoided maxis for the same reasons as you, buuuuuut i did recently grab one in Primark for £9 and its beaut. You NEEEED one! xx I loved your comment about the baker lady, i was so with you, shouting at the tv. God she was annoying x

RedHead said...

I used to think that the long skirt thing was going to be a nightmare but can easily be solved by pulling it up and securing with a belt. Or you can just coyly hold it up with one hand. Endless fun. I got a great halterneck one for less than a tenner. Here it is: http://redheadfashionista.blogspot.com/2010/06/no-sex-please.html
Hope all's well x

betz said...

I got the same problems with maxi dresses... but well, girls just got to have at least one maxi. ;)


PS: My friend and I started a new blog about NYC. There's so much more about this city beyond Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos. You might wanna visit this blog too (and feel free to follow!) :)

RedHead said...

PS I was having a look through my old post and found one about famous fashion bloggers that you commented on. It might interest you to know that I wrote a follow-up....http://redheadfashionista.blogspot.com/2010/06/whats-it-all-worth-part-2.html see what you think x

prettyneons said...

Hi girls, wow thanks for the tips, I'm going to be brave and just go for it in regards to the maxi thanng.

prettyneons X

Helga! said...

I love a good 70's maxi,but I like the "hostess"style rather than the hippieish ones.They are beautiful,and I have ruined many a maxi on my bicycle,so I don't wear them much anymore!
And No!You can't have my red spotty frock!!Haha!!

prettyneons said...

Oh but I love your red spotastic frock!
have a fab weekend ;)
prettyneons X