13 July 2010

It don't mata

I-I-I what am I like? As you know I'm now able to blog on the go as I explained last week when my inner nerd escaped, however I've had complications of all sorts up until now that is.This is my first EVER blog via mobile, whoop, whoop, woooooopiie I've been dropping comments like their hot (under the influence of Snoop Darrrrgg or dog)I got held up in one long line in Greggs (ooohhh I do savour a good old cheese and onion pastie)and while keeping one eye on the last cheese pastie I jumped- online- while- in -the- line and quickly hooked (what's with all the urban slang today?)myself up with a quick fashion fix.Only I indulged a bit too much (...nooooo not referring to the cheese savoury snacks)over on the Matalan site and became distracted good and proper, before I know it some cheeky sod snagged my savoury snack the last one god damn it!

board by prettyneons

I was upset for oohh maybe five minutes, however I soon filled the void and hunger (there were no other vegetarian options left)with an naughty purchase I added to 'my basket' in one swift, rapid click. Why? Because this way it allows minimum time for the guilt to kick in. You know that Shit- I- really -shouldn't -have -spent -anymore -money nagging guilt? Or perhaps you don't experience this? Perhaps most definitely I'm strange? I think the root of my guilt issues go as far back as my young pocket money days...Or baked bean ration struggling student days. Umm one or the other?
Food ration or no food ration I can't argue with Matalans tiny purse friendly price tags.I was stunned by how impressive their summer items are, to be honest I often snub Matalan,occasionally abusing them for their PJ's and socks.I've been converted and shall now dedicate time to Matalan during rare shopping sprees. Or even while waiting to grab a bite to eat, standing in long boring lines during lunch times!

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Em x said...

Love the skirt, Matalan is pretty good, i always head for the shoe section there xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Get you, blogging on a mobile! Swanky or what!
I do love Matalan shoes, I often pop in on the pretence of stocking up on cookware or bed linen and oftan sneak off to have a mega shoe try-on.

Twila's Vintage said...

really like those shoes. Im so into shoes lately!