22 July 2010

Paris is burning...Newyork style

Children of the late eighties early nineties will recall cool American girl groups such as TLC and the beautiful Left-Eye,with her truly unique and individual off the wall style a hybrid of down town girl gang street style,pirate-esque touches (will return to this later). Almost ever girl group from the 9-0's threads were constructed of belly button exposing cut-off strappy vest tops, bright graffiti sprayed tee's,plenty of washed out denim,big baggy pockets and lashings of loud tacky,chunky necklaces clashing gold and silver with plastic neon bracelets stacked high to the elbow (if not shoulder) was the ultimate definition of nineties cool.Occasionally the odd neon condom would make an appearance...noo not as contraception but in the form of a pirate eye patch, thanks to Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez.
I have such vivid memories of the nineties popular fashion trends, thanks to my much older sister, who would dress me up like her own personal doll throwing on chains,bold clumsy rings and pulling her massive polka-dot and striped cropped T-shirts over my tiny head,the sound track to "costume dress-up time" being the likes of TLC,Guns&Roses,Madness and of course Madge-dona.Yes I often drowned in a array of garments when ever she baby sat me.Garments and fabrics such as:acid coloured mesh vest's,distressed dungarees,fishnet everything,tie dye bandanas and a variety of DIY T-shirts. T-shirts with cut off sleeves, T-shirts with holes, T-shirts with frayed necklines,T-shirts which changed colour, T-shirts with famous Disney friends repeated across them.Out of all these Tee's I remember crop tops permanently being part of my sisters furniture. Sprayed across her bedroom floor, draped off her chair and hanging off her delicate wafer like shoulders with cheeky pops of her bright green and pink bra often on display.Small amounts of tummy on show, but by god never the belly button (this followed much later when Gwen S bounced around shouting I'm-just-a-girl-take-a-good-look-at-me) high waisted jeans,denim skirts and yellow combat pants used to protect, hide and conceal the belly button.
Today for some unknown reason I felt compelled to layer up in bleached washed out denim skirt,crop vest top and pile on the gloriously tacky accessories.Hmm second thoughts I do actually know the reason behind today's outfit.I lie.
Last night I watched classic gangster flick The Warriors
followed by digging out TLC old mix tapes, while rummaging around I stumble's across Sweet Valley High books (light hearted teen drama, not too dissimilar to today's teen TV shows-shallow cheerleaders with yellow hair shaking their pompoms,doing painful splits.Tales of cheating,and dorks lusting over the beautiful people etc etc etc) the result of last nights 90's themed binge is today's contrasting outfit of nineties crop top, cheer leading Sweet Valley High red's and blue's,down town girl gang-esque bleached denim, TLC "Left-Eye"-esque big cheap and nasty bling.

crop vest top newlook
DIY stripe crop vest top
washed out denim skirt thrift
red cardie thrift
shoes Primark
DIY tight ankle socks
charm necklace thrift
red and gold chain belt used as necklace

*Could I just say thank yous for all the nice comments about my newly polished up blog.


Laura Tenshi said...

Oh yes, the classics. Who can't remember that "Golden Age". 90's were all about experimenting with colors, wild prints and wild haircuts. I used to listen to TLC's songs. They had great style and great attitude. Love your cropped tee.

prettyneons said...

Hi Laura aw cheers me dears...TLC tunes will always sound fresh.
And Gawwwd do I heart Left-Eye's style.
I was gutted when she died.

Em x said...

Aww TLC were billiant, i have them on my ipod. Sweet Valley High was brilliant, do you remember when they made it into a tv programme? x

Jen said...

The red, navy and white color combination is my fave!! You captured it perfectly here :-)


SAM said...

Thank you for visiting you have a fun blog love love love and i grow up on TLC and they are still my one love :)


jemina said...

You look amazing!!! LOVE your style!!! fabulous!!! xoxo

prettyneons said...

whoa thanks everyone, I'm proper blushing now!Though I highly doubt I will ever make a very good cheerleader hehe

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GlassesShop said...

LOVE your style!!!