10 July 2009

Get The Colouring Book Out

Seems I'm back in that dirty old habit of imaginary high end fashion retail therapy via online fashion webby sites, Damn their so seducing and the access is so easy, I morph into this disgusting fashion whore hungry for an extravagant fashion item. This materialistic minx deep within me resurfaces every once and a while.Normally when I'm desperate to pass twenty stubborn minutes or so (why is it sometimes time refuses to tick on by?).

I'm breaking my promise now of never again mentioning those three words -Yarborough jumbo- bangle (shameful to smash a promise, I cannot help myself just look at the glorious multi tie-dye yarn....oh to dye for...OK that was a awful, awful grotesque pun. One of that straight from a Xmas cracker, minus the plastic paperclip of course).
My mouth is watering for Martin Lamotle ( from pixiemarket.com) pastel long blazer, in my fave, flavour colour: Neapolitan, pass me the hundreds and thousands icecream sprinkles and let me embellish pleassssssssssssse? Lush, has me drooling over my keyboard...
Marni, Marni, Marni your collage-esque girl top has my inner child screaming out loud for the following childish craft equipment, colouring book, glitter glue pens, ribbons, felt and playful pompoms.
The make believe fashion binge buying is not yet over, oh no my never ending wish list continues all the way into next year...
Josh Goots swirlywhirly trippy vest top has me feeling all dizzy and excited, how I feel compelled to some how obtain the Goot vest and combine it with THOSE striking purple thunderbolt eighties peep toe shoes (from Office.co.uk). I want thunderbolt feet! I'm afraid that pop pest LadyGaGa (can't tolerate her tunes but good god I'd heart nothing more than raiding that girls mighty Avant-garde wardrobe) may just beat me to the thunderbolt shoe finish line.She is after all high profile,that is one unfair advantage.Alright so in reality I'd lose out to the latest lady of pop, however my craving for THOSE frigging suede thunderbolt shoes is a crazy out of control craving i.e the sort of craving and shoe desire I cannot shake off. Its real bad. During any spare five minutes I have alone, I'm fantasizing about THOSE thunderbolt peep toe shoes when I'm eating lunch the outline of my salad morphs into that of THOSE shoes, when I'm at work my mind is set on THOSE shoes. Hell even while in the land of nod my mind is thinking long and hard of ways to possibly own THOSE shoes ways which don't require having any money as I'm still skint.
Enough of my wardrobe wants, just set your eyes on the items I'm rambling on and on about and enjoy or indeed think... 'what the heck? Shes lost the plot this stuff is vulgar!'


Winnie said...

Oh I love that colourful swirly top! The internet is so bad...I have spent many a hour browsing sites and creating humungus wishlists. Not good.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Adore the top! And yes internet is an evil thing, it makes us go so wrong!! Lol


Fashion Moment said...

Thank you for the comment. Great blog!


Lauren and Jennifer said...

Love that bracelet!

Jasmina said...

it´s nice to imagine that U can wear and own all those beautiful clothes ^__^ imagining that U own the clothes makes me happier then really owning them

prettyneons said...

Yeah! ha ha I know exactly saves those precious pennies ;)
prettyneons X