28 July 2009

Ware It Well

Hello hello,my purse is feeling all so fragile.Oh but why? one tiny word beginning with 'w' warehouse. I've not been giving the highstreet much attention I can't even recall the last time I made the effort to browse the predictable samey highstreet. Last time I looked it was festival look this festival look that, plus I live in fear afraid of possibly bumping into that annoying Gok 'fashion style guru' from the box. Shivers down my spine.
Jeez that man is irritating,I'd rather chew on tin foil then have him in my face 'girrrl confidence is key, so is a statement necklace' fuck off.
I'm sure his a nice guy and all that polite nonsense.

Er where was I before I went into one about Gok and my sarcastic streak took well and truly over?
Oh yes, right returning to the highstreet jungle and the glorious wonders of Warehouse or should that be Wowhouse (OK, OK that pun was inexcusable). Now after avoiding the likes of primark, newlook, H&M etc for so very long, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, probably Kate Moss splashed across every 'fashionable' window and banners printed with swirly tattoo style patterns and Gothic font with those all too familiar descriptive words 'festival chic'. Pass.
Indeed I did spot one or two banners and lots of Kate Moss/ Chung/Geldof wannabes, tragically appearing way too influenced by numerous Moss/ Chung/ Geldof loving magazines (you know who you are, and your mags bore me to tears). It saddens me how some girls can't use a bit of their own imagination and combine elements of their fashion icons.Maybe I just notice these pointless things more then I really need to? I confess I have and will always be fascinated with fashion as communication, fashion theory why we all wear what we do and whats the outfit saying(so to speak).Someones outfit can speak volumes and be a instant conversation, I'll get back to this later.

Right I WILL get to the point and end the rambling on and on and on...Warehouse they've some mighty marvelous pieces right now and a massive slayer of a sale too making it all too tempting to dive into my hollow purse, hence why my purse is feeling fragile. My purse can sense me being seduced by loud prints, fantasy like tee prints,grantatsic floral scarves and classic popcorn box style skirt (well it reminded me of a popcorn box anyway). All of which was literally screaming at me when I paid a visit to Warehouse, despite me having my trusty over the head (their the best variety me thinks?) headphones. Biffy, Incubus, Thebigpink,Takingbacksunday, Hole, Willy Mason all bouncing off the sides of my brain, must keep humming tunes to myself it should distract me from purchasing, evil consuming ...leave me be!
'Quick, quick these sales are nothing but one big trick you can do so much better go thrift',informs my inner fashion saint.
'Thrift?! Nope stuff that come on these price tags are low, only three quid more then say a Oxfam item, go indulge, now hurry!' instructs my not so inner fashion saint far from sensible advice.
I need to escape, and run pass all these lethal Warehouse rails.

While searching for the nearest exit (before those seducing sales get the better of me) I bang into (no 'not girrrl you have it Gok)this complete stranger I express my sorry's for the collision. The stranger taps me on the back of my shoulder I yank my headphones off my head (only for them to get all tangled and knotted up in my long, curly I just inserted my fingers into a plug socket hair).
'erm, erm I just wanted to say you look someone straight from the sixties, your whole thing - cool'
Surprised by the unexpected compliment, seeing as I was expecting a 'watch where your going fool' words just failed me and I didn't know what to say?
...'oh erm, err cheers its all from second hand shops, where did you get your hairband(this tie dye thing around his head) from?'
Damn why did I insert a frigging question for? When I already feel all awkward and dork like, now I've prolonged the moment, and I'm beginning to twitch because all around me are frocks and tops dripping with colourful delight.
'You into your rock, funk psychedelic music(Whoa right there fashion as communication instant conversation clothes are a high tech barcode!) I take it?'
Oh dear god his asking me more questions what about my question? I'm awaiting an answer.
'yep I can't get enough of that stuff though I do enjoy a contradiction and so I also adore metal, Punk and a touch of R&B too,aahh you like Nirvana I see'
Clap, clap brilliant investigating, think not it does clearly say Nirvana on his bloody T-shirt you idiot (the sarcastic insults continue in my head)
Why is a guy in Warehouse?Before I could question him he informs me to as why he is standing near the selection of half price dresses.
'My sis dragged me into this place,Nirvana are genius there's a new statement about them that no ones ever said before I'm sure of it.'
It isn't until I decide to make actual eye contact that I realise and register how shockingly hot this stranger is, one of those faces you could paint.
'Well have fun looking at those half price dresses'
Wait, did I really just say such a pathetic sentence? Shit I did didn't I? Off I go oblivious as ever.
I go straight across the road to HMV and after all that effort to avoid wasting pennies at Warehouse, I have a huge CD binge. Has anyone else got their hands on that new Kasabian album? Its amazing and provides great escapism; go get if you haven't already!Its worth it just for this track called 'under dog'

Oh before I go and press repeat on my stereo (the novelty of having brand new tunes)big, big, big thank you goes out to the fabtastic and kind Emma over at passionforfashion who sent me a brilliant bag of fun treats which included hello Kitty lipgloss and a big red bow hairband. Aaaahhhhh I ADORE!!
So Thank you love and get well soon you can beat that bad ass pig flu! xXx

PS...My link thing is still down and out so just drop me a email if your desperate for the website, its no prob's.


kirstyb said...

I want that first t-shirt! Great pieces xxoxox

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Lol, those finds were great! I can imagine your face looking at that beautiful dress aisle-stranded stranger.


Meg said...

Ahhh! That sounds so awkward (although it's funny for me sitting here reading it). And I love the red and white pieces.

prettyneons said...

Yep it was very awkward indeed! I felt like a right idiot!

prettyneons X

Em x said...

Ohh i'm glad you got it ok. The red bow is fab, even my boyfriend has tried my one on(wish i'd had y camera). I always walk past Warehouse but i love that first tee its very All Saintsy x

Ohh and sounds to me like the hot boy was maybe chatting you up!

prettyneons said...

Oh god yeah your right, the tee is very allsaintsy! I adore that label so very much.
I'm wearing the red bow today I'm deep in love with it now all my other bows can go to hell ha ha. No that is harsh. Not that hairbands have feelings!


Kandace said...

I seriously love this post. You're speaking the truth girl. I get so bored walking around my campus, all the girls dress exactly the same. I simply don't understand why anyone would want to look exactly like someone else when I try as hard as I can to not look like anyone else. Fashion is communication and who wants to communicate that they're mundane, boring, and ordinary, at least I know I don't. It's kinda how I felt in high school however, I always wanted what other people had and hardly thought for myself. Thankfully that phase is over and I get to express my unique fashion sense on my blog. On another note, I'm leaving for London on August 8th. I definitely want to get together. Can you email me your phone number or something so I can call you when I get there and we can make plans?

prettyneons said...

Oh my gosh I can't wait to meet! Yep I shall email my num to you right now hun (:

PeAce & Hugs...
prettyneOns X

Chels said...

hahahahahahahaha love awkward! I seem to attract awkward people seeing as I keep getting to those types of situations

prettyneons said...

ha ha I know everyday I seem to have a bloody awkward moment!
lol =)

prettyneons X

miky said...

love the stripe shirt