18 August 2009

B-Blown away

I was beyond excited when Japanese label BbyAperire amazones S/S collection was revealed some time ago,the volume, colours curves and patterns had me drooling, yearning and lusting all at the same time too. It had transformers appeal, for certain, hence why I was ecstatic when I discovered a pair of BbyAperire S/S shoes on ebay.Though I was naive to the unforeseen hazards when actually wearing the platforms: their extremely distracting and leave no time for looking left and right when crossing the road...*ouch I didn't spot that double deck bus.
BbyAperire has that effect on me, I also find (and try to stop) myself from singing and you tube'in spice girls songs...come on those platform silver moon boots are one hundred percent awesomeness.Plus its difficult not to conjure up images of spice girls style platforms when admiring BbyAperire space age, funky boots. I appreciate they might not be to everyone's personal taste. I'm however partial to over the top, drag queen spice girlesque shoes. Besides platforms are a useful tool for reaching those tricky high shelves in Asda (other supermarkets are available) and I don't recall 'girl power' being done and dusted. Power to us 'gals and power to our platforms and the dizzy heights they bring!

Moving swiftly on...B's S/S collection was genius, and more a form of art then simply plain old kick about shoes,for these heels are display worthy!I couldn't imagine BbyAperire ever beating any of their own previous collections, especially their epic mermaid inspired collection. How and what could BbyAperire possibly do next,I assume its all been done already? Mermaids tick, lucky stars tick,melting summers tick...Aperire source of inspiration knows no bounds. There for it was foolish of me to write of this avant-garde Japanese shoe label, even more ridiculous of me to just reach the incorrect conclusion that BbyAperire design ideas had dried up. Far from it.
BbyAperire A/W collection has a familiar title amazones, only this time there's more bold colours, humongous polka dots, sky high heels and structure then you can shake an ex spice girl at.

photos:BbyAperire A/W amzones collection

photos:BbyAperire S/S amzones collection.

photos: BbyAperire Lucky stars collection



daisychain said...

omg, the first boot has won my heart.

prettyneons said...

back of! that pairs mine he he jokes their mega pennies *sob :(

me XxX

butterfly said...

Gimme, gimme, gimme a pair of those shoes (after midnight...:P) Worth saving mega pennies for I reckon :)

Joshy said...

wow..these are freakin adorable!

Winnie said...

Those first boots are awesome!!

kirstyb said...

wow so different - loving the 2nd x

Glowing Doll said...

The orange ones are really cool, i like stripey heels.

CC said...

I love all of them! Specially the boots! Why don't I know about this brand? Must go check it up instantly.


knalleffekt said...

the black/ white one with the dots is so great! love it

monkeytoes said...

i like the polkadot and orange shoes :D

Kristin said...

OMG, those perforated booties. I'm in love!