14 August 2009

Little Potty Perhaps?

So I arrived home today expecting another night of mourning over the loss of my Internet connection 'oh computer for you are nothing without the wonderful webby, don't despair your be better soon and good as new'. I refuse to acknowledge I may be a possible fashion blogspot junkie? Stuff it, OK OK I confess I am indeed one shameless fashion dork there I said it.
To my delight ( whoa is that one enormous understatement, if ever there was one)I have my net back, yes yes the Internet connection has returned! First thing I did was check my inbox full of goodies and not- so-good -goodies...*take note giant fashion labels/ companies who keep pestering me about featuring various items...I only blog fashion items that I genuinely adore and find interesting: the more sequins and structure the better!

Once I finished spam'in away all the pointless junk I turned my attention towards finishing what will be a indulgent and selfish extension to prettyneons...prettyneons thrift finds. I began working on it about two, three weeks ago but as your already aware I've been through hell (too dramatic?) and back with my PC
so its been a case of stop and start and stop again. Progress is finally underway on the project, I had planned to complete it tonight however I now know that was over ambitious when blogshere is luring me in. Alas I opted to instead browse about fifty fashion blogs/ fashionzines and stop by Jukupop (dot com, I don't think my link thingy is ever going to re-appear).

I'm rather partial to jukupop, the name is amusing and I get kicks from simply saying the best made up word ever jukupop,jukupop, jukupop its just so bouncy and er, I'm going to shut up now. I'm beginning to suspect I may be going a little potty or more potty than usual over jukupop, due to their ever expanding My Little Pony T-shirt collection.Dash was always my most beloved Little Pony (sshh don't tell the others)with her neon pink, green,yellow highlights and rainbow tattoo,thinking about it perhaps Dash is to blame for my neon cravings I experience from time to time?

Board by: prettyneons

visit: Jukupop.com


Glowing Doll said...

I love the 'My Little Pony' revival. I remember having a giant plush one when I was 3.

Your illustrations are great by the way.

kirstyb said...

i love my little pony- i used to have loads when i was young xoxox

Em x said...

My little pony was amazing, i love Dash x

miky said...

i was so obsessed with them when i ws small!