13 August 2009

Clock Please Stop

As you know I'm on borrowed time once again, yep I made the long journey to my nearest net cafe( an hour and a half away) only to receive one hour on the computer which isn't long enough when the computers are slow as snails loading each time.
So once again this is a poor, poor dull post. Well lets just call it a picture post seeing as I only have time to post up a picture, though its better then nothing and *Confession I quite enjoy indulging in bit of good old wardrobe wishing and plus lets face it, its what photoshop is for right? Though to be frank my photoshop skills (cough) are not alot to be desired, agree? Yes thought so. Though I forgot what joy photoshop can be, so you may have to tolerate these crap moodboards on atleast a weekly basis until the novelty of photoshop once again fades into oblivion.

Anywhos I'm craving... lots of bows (nothing new there) feathers and er...unicorns?

mood board by prettyneons.

Well until tomorrows wardrobe wish... I have to love you and leave you the dreaded countdown clock has just popped up across the screen... Damn I didn't even get time to check my emails!


Meg said...

Great mood board. I'm glad you make it on to post, despite the hassle.

butterfly said...

Hello stranger :) Ah I hate having to use public computers that are time limited! Nightmare! Love the mood board!

Winnie said...

Sounds like a nightmare! I practically live on my laptop these days!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Darling I hope your internet gets better soon, it sounds awful to have yourself timed to write. Btw, loved the collage!