02 September 2009

Lace Lush

Needle work and lace the domain of grans across the globe, wrong. For needle work and lace are receiving much love right now and I for one am lurvving the delicate Gothic lace spilling out of Dorothy Perkins AW collection. The lace leggings are very material girl.
Fashion is overwhelmed with eighties inspired garments right now, however Dorothy Perkins collection is full of eighties silhouettes but with an ultra sleek, modern twist which gives DP's pieces a tough 'gal edge.
Lets return to the lace, of which has been giving a complete make over, mixed with acid denims, leather and velvets topped with an injection of bold colour. I'm referring to the lace insert vibrant yellow dress of course!
The attention to detail means its quite possibly the best catwalk copy ever, way too expensive though I assume...wait whats this? Whoa how looks can be deceiving, deceiving indeed, I can actually grab this lovely lace frock and it won't get moi into trouble with the burden that is a tight (and tiny) bank account. Whoop whoop for that.

Hmmm whats this more lush lace? I spy lace and velvet boots...Ooh perfect for those crazy rock & roll nights (when I say "crazy rock & roll nights" I'm referring to some tiny gig in the pub down the road...what? Its still a bit rock & roll. Alright so it really isn't).
I swear the more I stop to admire THOSE lace boots the more they begin to whisper to me the following convincing words 'I'm lovely, come on chose me I'll go with any wardrobe item too...jeans, skirts, dresses' Stop stop! I can feel myself slowly swaying, should I sell my soul and bloody press buy already just for the sake of some lace and velvet boots? Is it do you think, too materialistic of me to give up my soul for a pair of shoes? A pair of very impressive, hot and gorgeous shoes that is.
The shoes do have much required benefits too. for one their keep my toes warm (all I own in terms of shoes is peep toe summer shoes and now summer is dead and gone, as painful that is to admit. With it only being early September and all!) and safe from frost bite, the heel of these boots are very generous.Meaning more height for elf like me and they have the whole turning head factor too. Which is a nice added bonus.
Right I feel I've justified whats going to be my first winter wardrobe purchase. DP here I come...well once I've saved up for a while by which time other fashion savvy sisters would have beat me to it.Damn.

Board by: prettyneons

1. lace leggings, £30
2. yellow lace dress, £50
3. lace detail boots, £42

all from Dorothy Perkins


Em x said...

Ohh i love the the leggings. I saw that dress in the sale at the weekend so it might be worth looking in your local store x

Kandace said...

I seriously might have stopped breathing when I saw that dress. I usually not one for neon colors but it's absolutely perfect.

Hawa said...

love the mood board...but i'm really liking the yellow dress with the black lace!

Kb said...

Love that dress! They've really stepped up their game.