16 September 2009

Fashion Hear Me Out

The email read...
...Hi prettyneons we follow your blog and would really love to offer you a placement within our exciting fast paced fashion PR company, please get in touch Best Wishes...
My instant reaction being gasp, 'Whoa jeez is this serious? Mum, mum,lookseeeeee!'
Mum scans through the email followed by encouraging words (though they may not read that encouraging?)'You work so so so hard and you deserve this. Those years of hard bloody work and your degree may have been worth the slog after all? Go on then what are you waiting for reply, reply.'

Before typing out my message I let out another gasp and a sharp Ekk. This is happening this is really real? I'm not going to wake up with my face in the drool covered ( I drool in my sleep, yeah you wanted to know that about me didn't you?) wet pillow? Hit by harsh cold reality? Sugar this is it, deep breath life's going to change and kick off at full speed now, prepare yourself. What to write? I've waited for this moment since I was a fashion naive child, sketching delightful zigzag, polka dot, primary colour ensembles with the aid of the famous fashion wheel (how I loved that toy).
Think and remain cool (nope its never too late to be 'cool')...
...Dear PR person (you kind kind fashion PR person yoooou)
How could I turn down such a fantastic opportunity? When you say "placement" do you mean actual job vacancy and wage? Or are you referring to a internship? Forgive my dimness.
How long is the placement and assuming its an internship would it be possible to cover my pesky travel expenses and lunch as I'm currently unemployed.
Thanks again, kind regards...

I'm all nervous now its been days too many days and I can't sleep, eat or think straight completely overwhelmed. The normally plain and simple task such as food shopping is proving to be too much, I left my purse behind at home and can't pay for my bread, soup and toilet roll ( yeah huh my shopping sprees are that mind blowing, don't hate me hahaha) all in all I can't function. Its that sort of anxious feeling when mind is fully preoccupied the pondering and 'what ifs' dominate your life. A similar gut wrenching feeling when awaiting feedback any feedback from that fine fella you met for a first date,as far back as three days ago and still no phone call
(Erm that's a whole other blog post and one I shall not be putting into type any time soon).

For the next annoying mundane days that followed I sat, sat and intensely starred at my computer screen eyes fixated on the old hotmail inbox. Ooh Ooh one "new message" let me at it, let me at it!
Yes, yes yes thank youuuu God (check me out all religious)its from them the lovely fashion PR peeps...
... Hi prettyneons,
Delighted with your interest (correction I'm delighted and over the moon with your interest in little old fashion blogging me)in our placement which we would like for you to fill.This placement is a 2-4month internship in London and could lead to possible full time employment in the near future.
We cannot cover your travel due to your location (what the!? I live a stones throw away in Sussex hundreds of fellow Sussex people make this expensive commute every day. This doesn't add up?). But (joy I'm still in with a chance, go on go...because of your catch 22 circumstance were happy to cover your travel)we can pay your lunch (wow that's very generous of you, however I'm not that purse broke and skint I can't afford to take my own homemade sandwiches!) and the insight your gain will be invaluable. Placement begins the start of November, Kind Regards...

Kind regards? You can shove your "kind regards" up your ass. Whats 'kind' about refusing to pay my travel expenses and in the process ONCE AGAIN putting my career on pause. Whats kind about building my hopes/ expectations? Since when was crushing someones dreams ever 'kind'?
Within ten minutes I received an instant reply...
...Hi prettyneons,(don't "hi" me)
We do not cover travel I'm afraid, here's a few suggestions (Um I've got a few for you honey)can you not borrow from your parents/ friends? Or work a part time job? (now I know I excel in multi-tasking, but how can I possibly juggle the two when the placement days are 9:30am-8:00pm mon-friday + long commute ( I live in the middle of nowhere) + moi returning home at 10pm = no part time job hours.'Duh).
As for "borrow from your parents/ friends" no can do we aren't all that highly privileged, some of us struggle with the weekly food shop hence the soup in bulk.

Funny enough yesterday I had another email like this one from a fashion publication, yep you guessed correctly "we do not cover travel expenses".
I ONCE AGAIN explained all, my fucking circumstance and all that jazz blah , blah, blah.
Fashion listen up all of you listen carefully (or rather read carefully)as what I say often no wait ALWAYS falls on deaf ears...
...*Do not offer me 'internships', 'placement's (whichever way you wish to address slave labor and general exploitation) if you cannot pay my travel expenses I have to get on two trains and one hellish long bus ride. Now please tell me is this really requesting too much? When I'm yours for four whole months running around after your coffee's,licking envelopes happy to be exploited if it means I may possibly achieve a step on that career ladder?
Is contributing towards my travel and lunch costs really going to leave a dent in your American Express black card? Is it really going to affect your gym membership and frequent designer shopping sprees?
Once again all you fashion insiders who are eager to offer me an internship until I mention those two little words 'travel' and 'lunch' expenses in which you leave me hanging and feeling somewhat a big fat ( Ooh forgive me did I use that dreaded word fat?) fashion outcast and very much a lost creative soul.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself either. I'm instead feeling very frustrated and very fucking sorry for myself.

*Insert ironic,positive upbeat, sickly sweet and happy fashion image

image from:thesundaytimesstyle magazine.


Georgie said said...

I actually feel your pain... I've had to do many internships and freebies to try and break the big bad media world and many of those don't even pay for travel/lunch. I don't understand why they don't grasp onto the fact that the only reason you would be doing a internship is because you don't have a actual job or wage. What a fucking joke.

prettyneons said...

Hey Georgie just to know someone else is going through the same thing helps alot so cheers love (:

prettyneons X

Girl said...

Hey : )

I'm just starting out doing Fashion Promotion and the situation you have found yourself in is kinda what terrified me in the first place. But then I figure at least we had the balls to follow our dreams. Don't give up. You will get there eventually. I know how difficult it can be...I had problems getting any job, any job at all, during my gap year!

And thank you for your comments : )


Em x said...

Oh god how frustrating, its like you say they're happy for you to slave away licking their arses but not happy to cover your costs.Don't give up, you are fab x

cass and cady said...

what will you do? so close yet so far away. i hope you find a solution..somehow.

simon n josh said...

Its like they are trying to just hold the carrot in front of you and trying to trick you. I know you're smart. You'll figure a way.

the oaks said...

In spite of everything I do love the way you told the tale.

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Oaf! Sounds like you know what you want & by that im pretty sure you will get what you want with your determination.

Try stay positive- you will get there, your great so im sure it will be their loss & something better will come along as your gain

Peace & Love xox

prettyneons said...

Hi each and everyone of you, your all so, so amazing and encouraging (I know that sounds sickly but I REALLY DO MEAN IT).

Many thanks xxxxxxxx
prettyneons (:

daisychain said...

So frustrating isn't it. Idk. I've had to not apply for so many work placements because of this.

Winnie said...

It is frustrating and the thing is, so many internships don't offer travel expenses. This was the same for my friend when she was offered an internship at the Whitecube gallery. Pretty epic but because she lived in Brighton this was a no no. Anyway, she eventually landed a job for the Wallace collection and ended up moving to London but that's the difference. The Wallace collection is a PAID job so if she had accepted the internship she may not have had the opportunity to get her fantastic job now!

So basically, hang in there! You never know what's around the corner!

dapper kid said...

Argh how utterly annoying. I suppose all employers are being tight these days, but covering travel expenses is pretty basic isn't it?! Well I hope you find something good soon dear :) After all offers can only mean good things. Hope you're having a lovely day.

Kb said...

It's annoying but I've kind of accepted it. There's many internships that do pay travel costs though, so maybe contact your university about them?

Runaway Gallery said...

Ugh, so frustrating. I've been through this also. And whats unfortunate is that every internship I've had hasn't paid for travel. Sucks. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

paying ur own train ticket for two months on the train is little sacrifice for a opportunity others would love to have ,,quit griping and take it !!

prettyneons said...

To the comment above, I'd love to know your name?
Try walking in shoes eh? I've got NO MONEY for a bus to my local town. Do you know how that feels like?
I've got NO MONEY for tea tonight.
Do you know how that feels?

No hard feelings though, I don't expect everyone to agree with my opinions we all have minds of our own.

All comments and opinions are welcome here, but at least leave your name.


prettyneons said...

paying ur own train ticket for two months on the train is little sacrifice

PS...Internships are 3- 4 months, you do the math ;)

Couture Carrie said...

I totally feel your pain, girl. Stick with it and good things will come your way!


prettyneons said...

Thank you hun have a lovely weekend =)

prettyneons x

Bella said...

Aww babe, I know the pursuit of career happiness can be unbelievably vexing, and I can certainly relate to what you’re feeling. But as cliché as this may sound, you have to hang in there and just keep doing what you're doing, because eventually things will turn around, and the right one will come along... with benefits... because you deserve it. xxx


All the best darling...so sorry to hear this...
Hope you get the solution you need!

Chels said...

people suck. something'll come around soon!

Glowing Doll said...

Maybe I'm going to sound crazy but I consider you lucky for actually getting e-mails from PR companies as a result of your blog.

My blog's a bit of a flop.

So what I'm basically saying is, even though it got your hopes up and then let you down, at least people are noticing your blog which is great.

Glowing Doll said...

Oh and just for the record I do think that Travel should always be covered especially if the internship is 3-4 months! I mean they have to meet you half way at least. I guess they think that everyone has rich parents that they can hit up for money.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

I can feel your pain and aches. =(

It seems no matter what we do, people (corporations and junk) just want our time and energy and don't plan of repaying at least a little of our dedication and work. Just next time don't get your hopes high. It completely sucks, I know.

Just please don't give up, darling. The right job must be someplace around this planet.


knalleffekt said...

oh, i feel your pain. how frustrating.

Jojo said...

Prettyneons this is exactly why I love you... I know exactly where you're coming from. I have applied for many internships in the past to find out that they do not pay to cover your travel costs. Which seems so ridiculous when you are basically selling yourself to them for slave labour.

I hate the way the industry works like this and I'm glad you posted about it. The PR company may now see your blog post and reconsider. if not maybe you should think about naming and shaming!!!

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you hun. xxxx

Love Jojo

Annie said...

Oh my god, I am so sorry. That's so frustrating! I hope something fantastic comes your way.

FabBlab said...

I know! So many don't pay. But I'm building my clips. I know what you mean.

beckyxoxo said...

aww too bad they didn't pay for the travel expenses . but i believe there will be a company who will give a free travel expenses . good luck and hang on dear !