25 September 2009

Make Yourself

"If I hadn't made me, I would've been made somehow..
If I hadn't assembled myself, Id've fallen apart by now.
If I hadn't made me, I'd be more inclined to bow.
Powers that be, Would have swallowed me up
But that's more than I can allow.

If you let them make you, they'll make you Paper-Mache
At a distance you're strong, until the wind comes
Then you'll crumble and blow away.
If you let him fuck you there will be no foreplay.
Rest assured, They'll screw you complete, Until your ass is blue and grey!"

Incubus 'Make Yourself'

Apart from fashion blogging I'm a scrapbook artalcoholic, creative nutcase who experiences panic attacks if I look in my bag and the following items are missing scrapbook ,pens, pencils, camera... AAAHHH where are they? Why aren't they in my bag? Where did I leave them? Shit, shit , shit I need to run home!Without my art I feel like half of me is missing and whenever I fail to get my daily fix of the pen, pencil mayhem I am hell to live with, if not a mess.
Spending nightly hours wide awake drawing/ scribbling /sketching/designing/printing/sewing/embellishing...(whichever way you wish to address making a colourful fulfilling mess)is one my bad habits,I seem to think my body doesn't require or need any sleep to function.All I really need is neon post-it-notes, for when I do manage to nod off...I can grab a pen and note down any 'ickle ideas that are half being processed in my brain whilst in deep slumber.

I've always been a bit shy and felt awkward exposing my art and designs (the latter words are too grand me thinks?)its a similar feeling to that of pasting diary entry's on street posts across town (so I imagine anyway).
However I'm beginning (very slowly) to feel a little more OK and less awkward about revealing my work. As over the last few months I've gained surprising feedback on my work. Through word of mouth I suppose, though my work has also gained frowns and-not-so-brilliant feedback, which is also fine...each to their own you can't please everyone because us humans are all different and fickle some way or another. Including myself too!

Experiencing both the bad and the good of exposing my art and design stuff,has helped more then I can really put into words.
So I've finally decided to get some bulls and post up this image of a T-shirt I created back in the start of summer. The illustration is sweet simple and naive as I tried to capture this random moment I observed at the park one evening... which I 'recorded' by sketching quickly down in my scrapbook.
The 'Is it a luvbug?' bespoke T-shirt has a combination of both print and embroidery. Please do forgive my crap cheap ebay camera...not to self: never pay just fifteen quid for a camera ever again.

This item is going on ebid as I've just set up my account at long last whoop, whoop. I really hope it sells as I'm beginning a new batch of various pieces, and my room is lacking any space to manoeuvre. Yet alone draw, design, print and sew. Still its time I made myself (see what I've done there? Customized the Incubus lyric...cunning eh?)I don't want to become just another door to door sales person (and yes I did have that delightful soul destroying job once,to make ends meat...never again. I took it upon myself to sack me)like every other person around here.
My next step on the career ladder is a impressive one folks.Back to being a waitress,I have no choice.I need the pennies to buy print and fashion equipment/ materials.
You should have seen the persons face at the interview, baffled he was, 'Why when you have fashion qualifications do you want to waitress?'
I should have seen that question coming...
...'Well I'd really like a job and a payslip, plus I've done plenty of waitress work before and I enjoy it. You get to meet new people all the time.'
Bullshit queen. Me? Nope. Serving people chips and coffee is my idea of awesome fun. I lie.
I'm doing this in the vain hope that (one day) I can produce and establish my own little fashionart ( I believe the two are identical, with no need to separate)label, and get the hell out of this mundane town!

Right-e-o I'm logging off now to embrace some vintage Incubus and sketch.You all have a cracking weekend, yeah?

photos: Bespoke 'Is that a luvbug?' T-shirt by prettyneons.


Cap'n NikNak said...

I LOVE IT!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Soo pretty and unique! You are so creative!

pipalachic said...

the shirt is soo cute!!

daisychain said...

LOVE it (though not as much as the one I already own!)

Author in the making: said...

You are a fabby artist! I love ur blog, and i was just wonderign if u r a fashion designer??

Em x said...

Tht is so sweet, i love the little hearts. I really hope you get to start your own label, you're fab and it obviously means so much to you x

Megan said...

that shirt is splendid :)

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Dear so sorry to hear you are back at your waiting job, though I am sure it will be only for a little while. As soon as you set up a shop or something to sell your designs let me know, I'd love one of your designs! =)

Best wishes dear and have a great weekend.


Louie in Wonderland said...

COOL SHIRT! I love the theme, it's so colorful! You have talent! I would love to see more :)! I wish you all the luck of the world, and I hope your job as a waitress is not for too long. I know how it feels to be away from ones dreams, I dream of pursuing a career in filming and fashion but unfortunately in the little island of Puerto Rico (where I live) you can't study that, so it's frustrating, but I won't loose my hopes :)
Then again, Good Luck! And don't give up! :)
Sincerely Louie, Ciao!