08 September 2009

Beha is the best

Freja Beha Erichsen, the only model I really admire to be honest.For one whenever shes in any fashion campaign or on the catwalk you just know it.Because Beha's the beautiful contradiction of all the following; pretty, fragile, fierce and elegant.
You can't but help pay attention when shes on some glossy fashion page, her features are simply striking, meaning shes difficult to ignore.So quickly flicking the page over isn't an option: as a fashion illustrator/ artist (that sounds too grand, for I just scribble and flick some paint around)it would be my fashion dream come true to study and sketch Freja Beha,*dreams.

And now Beha is my hair style inspiration too...

Let me explain for ages now I've had long, wavy, curly frizz-messy locks (this is probably self inflicted as I never-ever can be asked to use any hair products what-so-ever. I detest the gunk like textures and horrible chemical smell, and have this phobia when it comes to hair spray)I'm bored and find myself frustrated when ever I have to bloody pick up the damn hair brush and untangle my wig.I'm ready for the chop.
There's no doubt I use my hair as some sort of security blanket, and the fringe is really brilliant for covering any spot break outs on my forehead.But its knots enough (see what I've done there, genius huh? I'm more then ready to do stand up) to convince me to keep hold of my long hair...its got to go...now, right now!

Wheres the scissors?

board by:prettyneons

photos from: vogue & gettyimages


Em x said...

Shes gorgeous. I know what you mean about long hair, mines a pain to look after. I think you should go for the chop x

prettyneons said...

Hey hun, Oh I am!
I can't wait to get my hair cut.

prettyneons X

Winnie said...

I really like her hair, it's so manageable and such a good length too!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Lol, for a second there I though you were describing my hair! Mine is almost waist length, wavy and totally uncontrollable. I also hate the smell/feel of junk in it so I avoid wearing hair products.


knalleffekt said...

i really like beha. she is cool and punky with her tattoos

daisychain said...

she is so damn gorgeous and so versatile. love her.

Mo said...

Yes. Yes she is. I love her attitude, she's rough plus a little sassiness that makes her an amzingly edgy package. I love her style of blazers!

Couture Carrie said...

She is totally gorgeous ~ love this selection of images, darling!