12 September 2009

I'm Just A Girl

"Take this pink ribbon off my eyes
I'm exposed
And it's no big surprise
Don't you think I know
Exactly where I stand
This world is forcing me
To hold your hand
'Cause I'm just a girl, little 'ol me
Don't let me out of your sight
I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don't let me have any rights"

No Doubt 'Just a girl'

Today I had my wig (or rather long, long curly, wavy frizz ball hair) chopped off, there is no going back (well until my hair grows and gets all long again)for I can't return to the hairdressers and collect my dead hair off the floor and stick it back on my head. Or can I?
No no I can't that's crazy talk.
The whole experience was a horrid one, the atmosphere of them places makes me feel uneasy, I can't explain why I find hairdressers so very daunting. Perhaps its because I become very attached to my hair (in more ways then one).
It sounds so silly and stupid, I cannot stand sitting in front of a full length mirror (why do the mirrors have to be full length anyway? Hmmm probably just my local hair place i.e the 'Hair House'. Shit title eh?) being quizzed by some random ultra girly girl on 'what hair products I use because it really is like so wild'. Excuse me that's my hair your talking about!
God please let me gag on a falling hair ball, so I no longer have to tolerate such mindless chitchat.

The hairdresser I was so lucky to of had (blatant fib) was not too dissimilar to Edward Scissor hands, she was waving her scissors here there and everywhere, chip-and-a-chopping-away. When she turned her back to grab the hairdryer I pegged it...nah joking.
I slowly looked up at myself in the big old intimating full length mirror, shock horror and oh bugger me shes had a field day with my locks: I suddenly felt exposed naked, no longer very feminine. Thank Christ she never cut my tits off,that's all I can say.

I've always been slightly tomboyish with a touch of girly going on and my style obviously reflected that. As I got up to pay and walked out I caught my reflection in the door mirror...I need to tweak my style, I must add more girly touches more then ever before to compensate for the lack of long hair I now have. Though I don't want to completely lose my old 'long hair me' identity either, my long messy hair which made me feel oddly enough a bit 'rock & roll' for some unknown reason?
How do I keep the old me alive and kicking? I'm going to give the fashion squad a heart attack and just combine lace up biker style boots with edgy,elegant accessories, and turn the floral tea dress volume up louder alot louder!

Board by:prettyneons

1. All gems from, astleyclarke.com
2. Floral frock from, shopruche.com
3. Biker style boots from, Miss selfridge


Em x said...

Oooo you got it done, i hate going to the hairdressers, chatting with a girl who doesn't really care about where you are going on holiday. I bet in a week or so you'll love it x

Flavia M. from FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE said...

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Rianna Bethany said...

Oh my god i absolutely love that song!!!! It reminds me of that really cheesy film 'Romy and Michelles High School Reunion'!!! I think its worth having a haircut that makes you feel a bit on edge, it gives you a totally different perspective.
Thanks for the comment
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxx

Runaway Gallery said...

no doubt. always

Jojo said...

Oh god I know how you feel. I always feel slightly intimidated when I get my hair cut. Espesh as it always seems to be in such bad condition.

Are we going to get to see a pic of your new hair????

Love Jojo xx

Denise said...

Can't wait to see the new hair.

i wish i have that boots too.

have a great day!

Meg said...

I sometimes have trouble getting good haircuts too. It seems like lots of people can't cut curly hair!

daisychain said...

You've made me even more terrified of getting my mop chopped now damn you ;)

prettyneons said...

oops soz hun...I'm sure your hairdressers will be much better ;)

prettyneons XxX

Cap'n NikNak said...

I need a haircut. I need to get it done soon because my mother is always going on about how I need to get my hair cut. Sigh. I will ask for my layers back I suppose...and volume...I always say "give me volume" BUT after I shampoo my hair its the same as before. Hope you have made peace with your new hair :) well old new hair, you know what I mean. x

Stephanie Kim said...

no doubt is my all time favorite band :)