07 September 2009

Leather With Lots Of Love

Bags.My one true weakness.They make me go all funny at the knees, and the amount of time I will happily waste and throw away just admiring and drooling over bags on some fancy window display is I admit ridiculous. I have in the past dedicated a whole weekend seeking special vintage bags. There's this village in Sussex and once every month this woman (with a love of bags even far greater then mine)puts on display the most amazing array of vintage bags and unique bags shes collected from here there and everywhere. The most impressive ones I've seen (so far) has to be this vintage feather fringe clutch which belonged to a funky famous Sixties Rolling Stones groupie, whoa right? The stories it could tell if only it could speak...imagination runs wild.
The second impressive and mind blowing bag on display at her monthly exhibition/ market homage to bags is Anuschka bags, of which I've never heard of before until I discovered this tattoo print leather slouch bag...a little out of my price range but still very much whoa-wow worthy.

Hence this decision to pay homage to all bags Anuschka style, Anuschka still being this fashion novelty for me, as its a label recently discovered.
I'm now obsessed with these leather beauties:yep I'm a vegetarian who digs these leather bags.Calm down no need to jump the gun, its fine for this is leather with love...I'll revisit this later on.
Anuschka bags are a rare unique combination of art, fashion and functionality. The erm function bit being a bag ideal for belongings (just in case you don't know that's what a bag is for, he he excuse me pointing out the obvious).
All the bags are crafted from soft cow leather, and what makes these leather bags different from all other leather bags is the ethical part.Their all individually crafted and hand painted by actual craftsmen and artists these bags are empowering those who would otherwise struggle.

Returning to the shallow fashion part, the prints are colourful strong, attractive with dreamy imaginary scenes of rainbows, orchids and beautiful elegant butterflies floating around. Its a fabulous fantasy dream applied to a bag,perfect for any wannabe gypsy 'gal like moi! Anuschka bags are not simply bags for chucking everyday crap into, these bags are mobile pieces of art. To be adored by all and forever treasured.

Board by: prettyneons
All images: Anuschka
visit: www.anuschkaleather.com


kirstyb said...

oh i love love love bags! I really need more xoxox

Meg said...

Those bags are really cool!

simon n josh said...

they are so gorgeous. Love the way you write. Thanks so much for the sweet note. I do so appreciate it.

the oaks said...

so pretty. i love bags too. great blog!

beckyxoxo said...

yayy for bags ! :D