14 September 2009

Pink & Silver Wishes

Yes, yes its that time of the month again (oh no no nooooo I'm not referring to that time of the month) where I find myself going through a very sudden and random fashion related phase (hence why I could never truly describe my 'style' I often dread being asked that question.As my brain goes into panic mode failing to think up a exact and descriptive answer. So I simply shrug and divert attention, works every time).
My fashion head is indeed a fickle one,and has been known to play tricks on me:fooling me to believe I looked fab-frigging-tastic in a pair of spray on neon studded bottoms(I say bottoms as they weren't exactly jeans nor exactly leggings either)though I made that dreaded fashion fuck up well over a year ago, it remains to haunt me.
Note to self,I don't have long Vogue legs.But rather ordinary, average pins, sigh.

Um so its time to confess my latest fashion fixation, now I know, I know gasp what on earth is she thinking? Pink and silver? Tasteless and very nineties Aqua too.
Yet Pink and silver I cannot get enough of! Where to place the blame for this fashion phase? Hmm let me think, there must be some reason to as why I feel compelled to jump into pink and silvers?
Pondering over the matter, I suppose my Klaxons Poster ( 23 years of age and still digging posters? Correct: I just adore certain album art)is responsible as it consists of various shades of silvers and pinks.After three years of being pinned upon my plain boring white walls ( I rent and therefor am not allowed to dabble with paint. Unless I wish to be made homeless, its becoming to cold for that right now).The futuristic funky Klaxons poster has some what influenced my fashion taste buds and shaped my recent fashion decisions for better or worse. But what to do? Fight against the pink and silver urge? For it shall not suck me in! Or simply embrace and invite?Introducing the clashing colour combo to my bff. The wardrobe.

I've never feared fashion experiments before, so why is it then I find pink and silver both appealing and inexcusable?
Like reaching for another biscuit, when you've already had two.Fully aware two if not the one biscuit was enough.All that biscuit consumption won't do me any favours, that's simple and clear common sense.But the temptation proves too much and I crack under pressure, same goes for this bizarre craving for pink and silver, side by side together at the same time...
In simple terms it must be accomplished!

1.Miso print tee from republic, £20
2.Miso sequin blazer from, same as above, £39.99
3.Bright pink skirt from, Matalan, £12
4.Silver buckle boots from, Office, £90

all boards by:prettyneons.

1.Silver print vest from,Missselfridge, £28
2.Embellished jacket Balmain, £4,110 (*ouch)
3.Hot pink bandage skirt from,Bardot,£27
4.Leather studded fan detail shoes from,Riverisland, £84.99(added to my wardrobe wants!)


Escapist said...

Oh pictures throwing revealed fashion.


beckyxoxo said...

great items dear ! :D

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

omg those shoeessssss, im in love

Glowing Doll said...

I love the Miso pieces.

Meg said...

I think it will be ok. If you like it, I say do it! I kind of like silver and pink.

Sassy said...

Oh, I want all those pieces in my wardrobe. Now!

I'm not surprised that you have this t-shirt too, you have good taste girl *LoL*

Cap'n NikNak said...

oooooh! I am loving the pink and silver -ness!! I always wear these big silver dangly earrings with my fuchsia pink top! (This pink-silver bond makes me happy!)
I cracked up reading the start of the post ;) teehee

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

i'm loving the pink and silver outfits you've put together :D you've inspired me too!