05 October 2009

The Glam Rock Trash Up

Boy oh boy have I been experiencing some blogger/ technology drama, big time.
Firstly my PC had to go to the erm computer doctors as it gave up on me completely,three days ago I was reunited with my beloved computer and blogger account. To discover some nutcase with too much time on their hands had hacked into my blogger account and in the process dropped a one messy, nasty virus attacking the insides of my computer. The poor thing (my PC) has really been in the wars.
All is fine (touch wood) I'm working my way through lots and lots of emails, spam and of course numerous online fashion news alerts. One week away from the blogshere is pretty much a lifetime in regards to fashion.Whats going on out there? Come Wednesday last week I was experiencing the shakes,style.com cold turkey aaahhhh. By Thursday I was a complete wreck...fashion- blog -buddies-I- need- to- talk (or rather comment) to- my -fashion- blog- buddies-I need-to-feed-my-eyes-with-fashion...for they have been deprived.

So guess what I'm off to do right now? Yep read my fave fashion blogs and have a serious catch up session, I've got my tunes on and a cup of tea at the ready.Just one hour since I've been back online and I've managed to do some wardrobe wishing: I'm currently going through what can only be described as this freakish glam rock wardrobe phase. Feathers, fake snake skin and bold colours...the tighter the fit the better.
I call this current and strange fashion phase the "glam rock trash up" phase. I blame the new(ish) short edgy haircut its gone to my head.Quite literally it would seem!

photo: Minimum dress from Pixiemarket

photo: Feather jacket from Miss Selfridge

photo: Fierce shoes from Matalan


Glowing Doll said...

Theses shoes are cool. Matalan throws up some good surprises now and again.

Em x said...

Ohmygosh i need to get my hands on those Matalan shoes. Well technically i dont need them, i just want them! Glad to see you back hon x

daisychain said...

OH MY I would give up ketchup for those shoes

(actually, that might be a little drastic but they are fab)

Jojo said...

I know what you mean, I've been having major internet issues!!

As for those shoes I love them...

Love Jojo xxxxxx

The Hunter said...

Love these shoes, cant belive they are Matalan!

The Hunter, x

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