18 January 2010

Sweet Candy

I've never had much of a sweet tooth,I can walk straight past pic&mix and easily snub strawberry shoe laces. Yet I'm finding it extremely difficult (if not very impossible?) to resist Candy.
I've tried and tested every trick in the book to fool myself into believing Candy doesn't exist, Candy whaaaat?
I've removed it from my fashion favourites, only to go and add- it- again soon as my cravings for Candy return.And all this time I thought I had strong willpower. Turns out I really don't. Willpower what is that?
I was also mistaken for assuming my Candy cravings had gone, vanished, disappeared forever along with my addiction to Pixiemarket and pesto (erm, not together silly).
But noooo this stupid girl went and opened that can of worms again. Fashion relapse...

Why? Why did I cave into the Candy? How? Where did it all wrong? Hmm might have something to do with me accidentally sort of on purpose enter the dangerous website address www.candystorecollective.com.Enter.Followed by foolishly clicking on the big, bad, bold 'NEW ARRIVALS'.
Damn too late now, this is the point of no return isn't it? Yup thought so. As two hours had been and gone (not that I noticed)while I'd been drooling over divine vintage dresses and playing make believe:pretending to add Candy items to my basket. Sad?Me?No never,whatever makes you think that?
I can't be the only gal guilty of this? Can I?
Changing the subject,the Candystore has some sweet,sweet delicious and way too tempting gems.The vibrant graphic print dress and magical necklaces soon had me well and truly hooked to the old Candy.Once again ('tis not the first time after all).
There's so much Candy enough for everyone!If vintage isn't your thang,there is a whole long and never ending list of lovely little labels and unknown shy independent but hugely talented designers that will soon enough have you reaching for that pesky basket.All your friends will soon be asking 'Nice, where did you get that skirt from?'In which you reply, 'You know what I really don't know?I've completely forgot! H&M I think?'Because Candystorecollective is your own secret fashion Narnia

Warning:You will become addicted...possibly for all eternity.
So don't say I didn't warn you guys.

all images from:candystorecollective


daisychain said...

My bank manager doesn't like you very much right now ;) x

Marta Represa said...

Oh my god! Soooo cool! I'm checking it out right now.