22 January 2010

Pencil it in

For months now I've been reading this beautiful blog caitlinquiet.blogspot.com,artist Caitlin produces some of the most enchanting and imaginative illustrations I have ever seen making every post a delight to read and see.Her blog is a glorious visual adventure which provides great escapism from the norm.I adore the wonderful whimsical little tales and musings which are often illustrated by Caitlin's gorgeous gals(seriously snazzy individuals)who's wardrobe you want to own (even if their dresses are made of paper and their shoes of ink)and become best friends with...OK so they're drawings and?

Caitlin's illustrations are a whole bunch of awesome and cute characters they vary from a fairy tale princess searching for her soulmate of a prince to darling and dashing diva's who get exactly what they want no questions asked!These curious girls are intriguing and way too realistic, you just want to know more about them... where do they shop?Do they prefer flats or stilettos?What parties do they go to?Which labels do they love?Do they dig vintage?
I'm besotted with every single one,heck I almost wish I could dive straight into Caitlin's sketch book and hang out with them all,talk trends and swap style tips with.Which explains why I'm so ecstatic about Caitlin's collection of printed tee's,that feature a selection of her fierce fashionable girls.
At last I can hang out with them.Erm sort of anyway,now which one do I pick?

all images from:Caitlinquiet



Marta Represa said...

Oh wow!!!! I'm definitely converted. These illustrations are so cute yet sophisticated! Love the shapes and the details, and the mysteriousness of the characters!

caitlin shearer said...

wow, thanks a bunch!
you're very, very kind.

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Dear love the post! She is majorly talented, love that fortune teller illustration a lot. I'm off to check her blog out!

Hope all is going sweet for you!

daisychain said...

these are wonderful


Kat said...

i really adore her work too, she is fabulous and the ladies always look so beautiful and unique!