25 January 2010

Miss blue

Sigh. Will this pitch black otherwise known as winter ever just disappear into oblivion? Feels like spring is still many light years away,wish it would hurry up I've had it up to hear (pointing at my head)
these winter blues are no fun. Plus I really want to eat a big bowl of salad which I seem to cut out of my diet during the bleak winter season. Salad needs sunshine to season it...this I'm convinced of.
As much as I'm missing green leaf salads (with lemon and garlic.Drool) and listening to Vampire Weekend (who sound best when being a beach bum...this I'm also convinced of)I find myself mourning peep toe pumps,pretty ditsy prints and light weight dresses even more. I can't wait to finally see the back of heavy Velvet dresses and skirts:like oil and water, velvet and I do not mix...makes me shudder and cringe.
Another winter wardrobe item I'm desperate to edit out of my life has got to be opaque tights, I'm over them. Pass the transparent patterned kaleidoscope variety already. Now before I made the extreme decision to erase patterned tights and knee high socks from my winter wear all together, I did test them out one drab cold day. And after my knees and ankles turned numb I thought this just ain't gonna work anymore, time to get practical and keep those knees and toes warm.Frost bite isn't cool (see what I did there? Did ya, did ya?)nor too comfortable for that matter.I may or may not be speaking from experience.

So slowly as the sun makes the odd brief appearance(though blink and you might miss it)and the evenings are steadily staying lighter for longer, could it be time to jump into spring?Re-introduce frocks and knee high socks, embrace the peep toe?To hell with practical style, screw knitwear.Or is this a bad not very fashion savy step?I mean thinking more in depth about the whole situation, could I really tolerate the sweet old folk?Which there's plenty of on my daily bus ride.I can just imagine them all marching over to me with their concerns and over dramatic comments,'Young girl your catch your death dressed like that.'
Death by dress?Really?This would be highly unlikely,what are the odds of that?
Even if my fashion fate were to be that harsh, I'd kick the bucket quite happy (if not smug?) as long as my ensemble consists of Missselfridge pieces.Pieces such as: bird print dress,heart crop cardigan, wizard of oz red patent heels and star print tights.I'd enter the afterlife one content woman!

all images from:missselfridge.


daisychain said...

I want the second jumper (er, only jumper? I meant second photo)

Cap'n NikNak said...

Oooh my friend has the sequiny jumper :) very cute and shiny!! I also have some star tights but they are tiny stars dont really know what to wear them with - any ideas?
I am waiting for winter to end man...i hate waking up in the dark and then walking to uni in the dark - spoooooky. And I dont want to wear my coat anymore but yes, I might suffer from COLD and other illnesses if I decide to do so.

Annie Spandex said...

OMG that striped sweater!!!!!!