02 February 2010

Grown up dolls house

SS 2010 collections are most probably doing their rounds around the mighty and speedy blogalaxy, faster than light itself I should imagine?Technically in fashion terms I'm about a million light years behind,fashion has already had its say, highlighted the good and the bad and set out guideline rules to this years spring summer trends. As fashion now focuses on the future and sniffs out any clues towards next years trends,I'm going to opt for savoring the best of SS 2010.Not to be mistaken with a run down, as this would mean reviewing every single designer SS 2010 collection,and I don't adore or have praise for every collection. Most of them are identical from last years (and the year before) with the only difference being a slight tweak or miniature adaption...no fool that isn't a tribal theme.You idiot look harder it's clearly safari!Impression of nobody in particular, simply an observation.

Drum roll please (...drum, drum, bang ting)in my own clumsy,humble opinion the stand out SS 2010 collection is (building up the suspense) Miu Miu for playing with provocative pussy-cats, and flirting with vampires...hints of Miu Miu's collection definitely stepped over to the dark side with a touch of Twilight going on. Before I visit the Gothic side of Miu Miu's SS 2010 collection, I want to fall in love (again: this being the billionth time I've just sat and admired the dazzling details)with the softer and adorable child like side of Miu Miu...

board by:prettyneons

Miu Miu's collection has me longing for the return of my decorative pastel pink Victorian dolls house(sadly and with much regret I allowed my little niece to adopt the dolls house.What with her being a child and me now a boring grown up:it no longer fitted in with my life anymore. Sob)any garments that can have such nostalgic effect on you can only be a good thing, no?
Mi Miu's dolls (so to speak) are far more cheeky.At first glance you think bless sweet exaggerated silhouettes, puff sleeves,romantic ruffles, sprinkles of sequins. Naive prints of adorable cats,ditsy flowers and glittering birds in flight,these are simply innocent little girl frocks with school uniform elements such as the stiff sharp pointy collar's.Think again.Cue the unexpected risky peek-a-boo cut outs, revealing a naughty flash of flesh,the petite-bras on show as daring outerwear,prints of nude female figures alongside those playful pussycats. Which suddenly don't seem as pure and innocent, this is soft porn!Zoom in on the details and the collection begin to take on a different form,the sequins not being a delicate decorative design detail:these sequins are industrial sequins,keeping Miu Miu's otherwise flirty pretty and girly pieces a strong, bold edge,this collection wants to avoid any typical stereotypes.The whole Miu Miu SS 2010 parade wants to empowers 'pretty'.
Don't be fooled though as this collection has a moody, dark twist too,with fierce suits thrown into the Miu Miu mix.Something which wouldn't look too out a place in a vampire flick,though more Lost boys then Twilight with it's twist of eighties Gothic glamour running through the cropped blazers.

Here comes my clumsy (yet I like to believe justified-shrugs shoulders)conclusion this Miu Miu collection is anything but concise or safe you cannot accuse this collection of being predictable nor dull, packed with cunning contradictions and subliminal messages.Only Miu Miu can pull off a combo of cats,naked women,eighties silhouettes and vampires:the result being a collection that is wonderfully epic.Hence why I'd pick up the entire Miu Miu catwalk and squeeze it into my dressing up box, faster then you can even pronounce Miu-Miu
...sigh a girl can dream.





daisychain said...

wanna sneak in to miu miu and run off with the goods?


Jojo said...

Can I join you on that mission....I wanna be a miu miu girl...


Marta Represa said...

I'm in too! This collection is the most magnificent thing I've seen in so long...