22 February 2010

Leg it

As I have a fear of jeans (I'm petite and it's impossible to find a pair that don't roll, gather around the knees, sag and drag along the pavement.Leaving a trail of fray denim bits behind me)be it flare, bootleg or the skinny jean,I'm not interested one of my biggest nightmares involves being forced against my will into a Levis store. Jeans forever remind me of my cringe worthy wannabe skate chic days,eager to impress the cute scruffy skater boys, I'd walk around the skate park holding my skateboard (as I never mastered the art of actually skateboarding,it instead became this accessory) with rap metal blasting from my Walkman 'Keep rolling, rolling, rolling' said Limpbizkit... boy how I wish I'd rolled out of my skate phase quicker then I did.
Erm swiftly moving on, and departing from the above embarrassing confession, I only have one pair of jeans which I only ever wear when I have no other item to cover my posterior.

This may explain why I'm forever stocking up on leggings, knee high socks and tights,I can't walk past claires accessories (not just for pre-teens I'll have you know)without taking a looksee to see what tights they have in stock, nor can I click past Bebaroque without snooping their sales.
Now and then I treat myself to a pair of gorgeous Bebaroque tights,I call them my posh fancy tights, and yes I wear them even when I'm just indoors cleaning my room. They make you and your pins feel ultra glam,with their stunning intricate details of elegant embellished prints, swarovski crystal's,velvet ribbon bows,tassels, swirling cord and pearls.
These sort of stylish tights you want to avoid laddering,I go to extreme measures of protecting my 'posh' tights by wrapping them in tissue paper and placing them in a shoe box...I wasn't kidding when I said extreme measures.These aren't no cheap and cheerful Primark opaques, which I simply roll up and shove in my draw, no my Bebaroque Priscilla leggings and tights are super special.

all images:Bebaroque


Em x said...

Beautiful, i'm a tights addict but haven't got any of these tights yet, love them though x

prettyneons said...

Hey Em,they have a sale on at the mo, I can't afford their full price pairs of tights quite expensive. Though it's sort of worth it, as the details are beautiful!
prettyneons X

daisychain said...

Oh be still my beating heart.

prettyneons said...

hehehe, calm miss daisychain ;)

Kat said...

the black ones are awesome!!!