23 February 2010

Need Want Wishing

Once in a while something ( or something's) grab my full attention, and I begin my month long yearning (sometimes longer), and well, I thought I'd reveal which items I'm currently craving because I can, plus it's probably the nearest I'll get to obtaining these things.

First up is the book by Patti Smith "Just Kids", man I love this woman shes one of my idols (I have many idols all completely different...this is a whole other post)shes had such a impact on many modern artists,imagine what music/fashion/style would be like if she were never born? Pretty bland I reckon?

Next up is Roberto Cavalli's exquisite creation, the Shantung-silk dress. The touches of gold detail makes this dress shine, and gets my fashion pulse beating hard...this dress even featured in my dream recently, it was one bizzzzzzzarre dream too.Pencils with wings,the depressed teenage dude from Little Miss Sunshine needed a home, so I begin constructing one for him out of several Roberto Cavalli frocks. No I didn't get it either?My surreal dream sure isn't in my 'Dreams and what they mean' book.I shall remain forever baffled.

Alexander Wang pieces don't normally have me swooning, however the Dennis the Menace
jumper with peek-a-boo moth holes is an exception.

Accessorize, Accessorize I adore everything in this treasure chest of a shop, have you seen the neon Aztec style shoulder bag? One word-whoa...um is this even a word?

Last but not least, Rise graffiti skirt in the sale and soon to be in my wardrobe (once it's been further reduced to five quid...this being pretty much my bank balance right now, ha!).

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Rachel said...

Great wish list!

daisychain said...

that is one epic list, it is however, missing biscuits x

prettyneons said...

oh my yes your right, how could I forget the biscuits!?
Very valid point, hehe :)
peace & bows...
prettyneons xXx