21 February 2010

Louder now

As today's weather is pretty depressing and very wet,I only ventured out the house to collect a bunch of Sunday newspapers and a box of eggs (I'm going to attempt making a meringue... whip up some stiff peaks).Soon as I return home with the now soggy newspapers, I try to salvage what I can the high priority being those glossy fashion supplements that are tucked inside the middle of the newspaper. Without fail I'm always pleasantly surprised when they slip out and crash in one big heap on to the table, though I'm already aware those Sunday supplements are hidden in there somewhere? Some of these Sunday fashion magazines are hit and miss about as impressive as today's dismal weather,with predictable and repetitive fashion features and the norm editorials, 'Flirty florals''Mono Madness' etc etc.

Out of all the fashion supplements that fall out of the newspaper and drop on to my coffee table, You is by far my personal favourite though a big contrast compared to my other beloved fashion titles such as Love,Dazed&Confused and i-D.You is more all grown up and sophisticated with the likes of Mimi Spencer's (who I love!) witty, sharp fashion musings and 'darling' wardrobe wants which I religiously read every Sunday whilst consuming a giant bowl of banana flakes and Jaffa cakes (...Jaffa cakes the best biscuit ever, or rather cake).And today for the first time ever I skipped Mimi's musings, as my attention was diverted straight to You's electric editorial, a spread of dizzy kaleidoscopic and super loud prints.This isn't just chaos,nope this is chaos on Red Bull the photography is buzzing with an array of abstract and modern prints by the likes of Holly Fulton,Josh Goot and print gods Basso & Brooke...

all above images from:You

I've always had a weakness for bold prints, I studied print at university since then my print obsession has only spiralled out of control,the whole print design process is astonishing.What I admire most about print is how it has the power to communicate: as quite a reserved person I often gravitate towards print,I rely on it almost, to express my mood,to speak when I feel awkward,and to distract people from my awful awkwardness which I'm always so very aware of. It's impossible for me to avoid print, the louder the better as it compensates for my ridiculous shyness, which at 23years old I perhaps should of grown out of by now?Until that day arrives these statement pieces should do the trick,for when I'm stuck on mute and struggling to utter a word...



All above items from shopnastygal


Beyond the valley.
All above items from asos


Em x said...

Are Jaffa cakes a biscuit or a cake? I read the You mag today, Mini made me laugh as usual. The graphic prints are lovely but i don't knoe if they suit me, maybe in a scarf or something? xx

prettyneons said...

Yeah Mini's feature is really great today,I got round to reading it in the end.
If your not sure about the bold print dresses try a bold print tee perhaps?

prettyneons Xx

オテモヤン said...
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daisychain said...

fabulous post Sam,

and um, you know I really wanna know how your meringues went xx

prettyneons said...

hehe, the clouds in a bowl aka meringues went OKish it's still work in progress me thinks?
prettyneons xXx

Glowing Doll said...

Looks pretty awesome for a newspaper supplement.

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