07 February 2010

Nautical but nice

Nautical never goes away, it's a fashion favourite which may never fade into oblivion,nautical's stripes and anchors will never be erased.With nautical's popularity only ever on the rise,it's only rivals being polka dots and floral prints... and even they are only minor competitors.
For the majority nautical is fun and extremely appealing, it makes many weak at the knees.The navy blue and bright red stripes seem to have a powerful magnetic effect: with most finding the nautical temptation too hard to resist.
Example:My nautical nutter of a friend who's wardrobe is entirely dedicated to the world of (you guessed it) nautical,no question it sure is impressive and would make any sailor extremely proud.My friend did attempt to convert me,it was a case of trial and error,with her using every method from forcing me to browse a whole nautical rail in Newlook,to pulling a nautical bow dress over my head. With much force may I add.

image:Anchors aweigh.

I've always struggled to appreciate nautical as it only ever makes me feel seasick,this is a controversial confession I know.The stubborn trend conjures up unattractive visuals.My brain projects images such as the bleak seaside (British seasides are alot to be desired: sun drenched- 90210 it ain't)grey pebbles, vulture hungry seagulls the size of a small dog,rain,soggy greasy chips and over priced deckchairs,there is nothing romantic or whimsical about these.
So a surprise it was when Gene Kelly and Frank (Sinatra)had me running out to the shops in a desperate bid to source out...nautical anchors and stripes.
After hours of rummaging and raiding miles of rails and only finding novelty Popeye-esque T-shirts, I convinced myself I was on board a sinking ship it being time for me to abandon the nautical mission.So I made my last stop Next to collect a pair of black and white dotty tights (I only use Next for tights:as my local Next is too yummymummy meets bland basics!)when this cluster of nautical bows caught the corner of my eye.Never has a tote bag made me emotional. A visible tear ran down my cheek as I scooped up the bag and held it up to the bright light, admiring the red bows and stripes.
Before hugging it and expressing out loud (by mistake)"Frank I love you!"
Hmm I think the sales assistant was a bit disturbed? As she reversed ten steps back,
and relocated behind the large stand which divided both of us.I continued to declare my love for 'Frank' the nautical bag explaining to him "how wonderful you are: I'm going to save you from your destiny as a baby nappy bag (quote one yummymummy who was observing the same nautical bag as I)your too good for that shit."
How distraught was I when I discovered my purse was three quid short.Big fat immature stamping- feet- sulk and censored language was indeed necessary.

board by:prettyneons

Both bags from Next.co.uk


Em x said...

I love nautical, its a good trend to invest in as it comes back time and time again. Have missed your posts lately xx

daisychain said...

My inner pirate loves all things nautical x

prettyneons said...

hehe "inner pirate" love it!

prettyneons X

Glowing Doll said...

I like striped Breton fisherman tees a la Jean Paul.

Marta Represa said...

Excellent post, I love your sense of humour! Coming from the seaside all things nautical are familiar timeless classics.