28 February 2010

Just marching

"I've always been the opposite of mainstream.I march to my own beat,it's the only way I know."
Juliette Lewis

Hey all how's your weekend going? Me? Well I'm simply busy doing nothing much, which is refreshing as usually I spend my weekends working and whilst doing so I daydream about one day having my own 'ickle arty/fashion line and donating pennies towards forest projects, as deep down I'm a eager Eco warrior.
*Ouch I just hit the ground.Enough of my dreaming, crash back to reality.
This weekend just like Juliette I too have been very much marching to my own beat.Yesterday I had a delicious rum and raisin chocolate pot for lunch at this old quirky pub, avoiding banging my head on low wooden beams, afterwards I browsed lot's of junk shops, and yes thrift shops too. Where I picked up a beautiful embellished folk style skirt for £2.50, come on how could I leave that behind and allow it to gather dust? I couldn't.

Besides consuming large chocolate pots and causing carnage (have you heard of the bull in a china shop? Erm that clumsy bull is indeed moi here) in the antique/junk shops,I've been scribbling away in front of the TV (I know right such a no go...the box zaps creativity from you such a bad, bad distraction).Catching up on strangely addictive 90210 episodes ( very guilty pleasure: for I have sinned and am going straight to hell)screaming, 'Noooooooo don't do it, don't sex it up with Jasper he's telling you big fat fibs...he is a drug dealer!' followed by spilling fruit tea all over my scrap book:multi-tasking sure can get messy.Eventually after all the 90210/Jasper/fruit tea drama I completed my 'Sexy Paris' illustration, and celebrated by baking yet another cake, (what can I say? I love cracking eggs open and washing up the cake bowl with my tongue) here's my weekend in the form of pictures...not including the cake as sadly it's already been demolished.

photo:folk skirt,from thrift shop
illustration by:prettyneons


Jojo said...

I know what you mean I am incredibly clumsy, my whole family is very accident prone! Love the skirt, when are we going to be seeing outfit posts???? You know I'll keep on at you until we do....

And I'm afraid I too saw that episode and was thinking the exact same thing...oh the shame..

Love Jojo xxx

daisychain said...

Oh that skirt is gorgeous, I'd have disowned you had you left it behind.

prettyneons said...

hehe I couldn't leave it, no way!
prettyneons xxx