24 February 2010

Ouch Viv

Shocker,climate crusader and for many a fashion role model, Vivienne Westwood declares:"Stop all this consumerism I just tell people, stop buying clothes."
Hmm slight contradiction perhaps?
Vivienne may be bemused with the fashion industry? After years of being apart of it,becoming a great success and profiting rather well from her numerous collections.
However this is a damaging comment, which could potentially spoil things for up and coming, budding fashion designers, who mostly admire Vivienne's creations and take great inspiration from her: regarding Dame Vivienne as a fashion genius.
Consumerism makes this fickle world go round,people will always have a predilection for shopping,it's inevitable.
So why can't Viv simply retreat to her grand home and enjoy all that cash shes made from clothes? Instead of trying to ruin the futures for others?

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Annie Spandex said...


prettyneons said...

Thanks Annie ;)

Carrie said...

Haha, poor viv she is getting old bless her and she has always been slightly insane! think shes finally given up the ghost... :)

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

I am so darn with you it hurts!!!

Btw, you have a sweet little award at my blog!


prettyneons said...

Hello Sophie, bless you thanks so much. I shall come round to pick up this elusive award very sooney
peace & bows...
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