10 February 2010

Old Gypsy Tales

all images from:a collection of (now) vintage Vogue's.

As you already know, I'm well and truly fixated on this book I picked up in a junk shop,which reveals the lifestyle and explores the many tales of Gypsies, it's such a fascinating read and a brilliant insight into the alien world of travellers,the book includes true accounts from Gypsies all over the world.My favourite pick of the bunch is a character named Spider, who explains her accommodation (caravan) as "the real world,my world that don't have no fucking brain destroying TV,the only belongings I have I need is my stereo,bongo drums,hat's and a packet of Kitkat fingers."

Over the decades Gypsies have had one ultra glamorous makeover, this is evident when flicking through a stash of fashion magazines which feature many variations of Gypsy from 'Folk chic'to'Boho babe' and even the highly imaginative (if not innovative and slightly odd combo of...)'CyberGypsy'.The Gypsy image has transformed via the pages of glossy fashion publications and fashion designer personal interpretation's.And has become this pretty paisley and romantic fantasy, evoking ideas of freedom, adventure,love and mystery. With a very modern and trendy sprinkle of heavy embellishment,feathers,suede fringing,floaty chiffon's,spirited prints,silver charms and precious designer stones of course.
Gypsy has travelled a long and epic journey starting from spell casting fortune tellers and lawless outcast criminal nomads, living their life on the outskirts of society, to gracing the global catwalk.Meaning now we can all be like the Kitkat loving Spider, and have a bit of colourful daring, adventurous gypsy in our otherwise safe and perfectly normal wardrobes

Both illustrations by:prettyneons

...though the Gypsy journey doesn't quite stop at my wardrobe.
Seems them decorative, worldly and curious Gypsy girls are determined to takeover my imagination and dominate my entire scrapbook.I now have just over ten pages dedicated to these vibrant and alluring outcasts who shimmer in sequins and drift along life wearing layers of vintage lace: whilst collecting roses,daisy's and other fragrant flowers to pop into their long crazy curly locks.


daisychain said...

I love your illustrations girly.
And I will reply to your e-mail later xx

Rachel said...

Love the illustrations! They look great!

Carrie said...

OOO lovely illustrations! i do love a good vintage vogue!
My old college lecturer had a walk in cupboard filled floor to ceiling with vintage vogue! like heaven in a cupboard! :) xx

prettyneons said...

Heya Oh thanks everyone, your making my head rather enormous right now hehehe =)

prettyneons X

betz said...

you are so talented. i love the qypsy look. it reminds me of esmeralda of the hunchback of notre dame.