15 February 2010

My big fashion romance

Chichia,Chichia it's now official I am besotted with Chichia London,two years ago when I first stumbled upon designer Christine Mhando's intricate and eye-catching pieces I assumed it was one of those shallow fickle fashion romances that I'm prone to experiencing every now and again.When one minute I'm smitten then just one week later the novelty wears off- before I even get to wear it.
This fashion crush is different though, it runs deeper compared to previous fashion crushes, and yes, yes Valentines day is over, however I'd like to take a minute (or two)and declare my absolute love for Chichia London...

I so so so SO very badly want this...

...and these

...and these too!

images:Chichia London

The very first time I discovered Chichia London I immediately felt those butterflies flutter in the pit of stomach (...admittedly at first I put the strange pains down to a suspicious looking veggie wrap I consumed)my head went all dizzy after observing the beautiful textiles.Each garment seemed to consist of multi-cultural, multi continent cocktail of colourful prints,that transported my imagination to various corners of the world,for me,this was a new exciting experience that no fashion collection has ever achieved before.I was quite simply in awe.
My mind began processing all the information, editing through all details one piece at a time, scanning which ones should be introduced to my wardrobe...erm all of them was the final conclusion.
Days, weeks, then months passed by since my Chichia London encounter yet my memory struggled to erase those stubborn Chichia London visuals, of east African cotton tunics and dresses combined with eclectic and effortless prints and embellishment, that now remain etched into my brain for eternity, no doubt.What I appreciate the most about Christine Mhando's designs is that they are modern but timeless pieces,not influenced by passing fashion trends,they have the ability to stand the test of time and adapt.While in ten years time, all other wardrobe items shall shy away,neglected and hanging on for dear life in the back of the wardrobe, embarrassed by how dated they've somehow become?Chichia London garments are far too special to ever be banished to the back end of any wardrobe,they deserve to shine on forever, for the novelty will never wear off.
Now how on earth do I obtain one of these?Sigh.



Vicki said...

love these pieces!! gonna have to check them out more!! :)
magpie-girl.blogspot.com xo

daisychain said...

god, you introduce me to the most amazing things.

Marta Represa said...

Wow, I didn't know this brand and it's actually really interesting! I'm liking mixed prints more and more, so...I want some of these pieces so badly as well!

betz said...

o my, this is such a great brand. i love their line. thanks for sharing dear. i am with you about the butterflies when you see that perfect dress. =)


prettyneons said...

thanks 'gals, glad you all like =) X