18 February 2010

Old Antiques?

The other day I indulged in some antique snooping, there's something oddly appealing about browsing beautiful old dusty objects that are ever so slightly delicate and distressed.I always enjoy observing the eclectic and and disorganized presentation of antique shops:vintage shoes with completely random jewellery spilling out on to the floor the trail of jewellery leads to a funky fifties retro American table on top of the table lays haunting Victorian toys,spooky porcelain dolls with ribbons in their hair,a hand painted wooden train set circling another vintage display of garments representing many bygone decades from the 1920's to the electronic loving 80's. A headless mannequins figure is hugged in a classic prom dress,the more I zoom in on her outfit the more I realise how much of a style contradiction it really is.This is one confused woman (...erm I mean mannequin woman, obviously she isn't real, now that would be shit scary wouldn't it?) prom dress add over sized Blur T-shirt over the top, add stunning strands of white gold heart lockets and finally to complete the schizophrenic style a pair of patent old school Dr Martin boots...is she attending her school prom or moshing about in the muddy fields at Glastonbury festival? She hasn't got a clue.Go figure.
I do begin to admire the mannequins shambolic pile it all on style,especially her array of accessories: chunky wooden bangles,aggressive Punk studded wrist bands,classy strands of pearls, Gothic silver bracelets and THOSE white gold love locket necklaces continued to catch my magpie eye. Were they once the beloved possessions of a tragic young war widow?

board by: prettyneons images:DorothyPerkins

Post antique shopping and I'm desperate for a touch of old antique in my modern wardrobe,my mind conjures up a selection of vintage pieces from my day at the antique shop.Those lockets,pearls and late 1930's soft feminine floral summer tea dresses replay over and over again in my head, I began my search for all things antique via various fashion websites. Many were disappointing their new versions of vintage not too impressive (...polka dots do not equal 'vintage', you don't fool me!)with the prints being too loud, the details too updated to fool anyone in to believing it could ever be antique vintage.I almost give up. Why oh why didn't I just buy the real deal when I had the chance oh yes that's right the price tag would have made my pockets cry.
I make my last stop Dorothy Perkins expecting nothing but a let down (again).How very wrong was I? DT have some marvelous authentic antique vintage pieces,their white floral dress and jewellery captures my day at the antique shop perfectly and the shoes I know would definitely receive the mannequins seal of approval.



betz said...

such a great post. i love that locket. it's so gorgeous. antiques are timeless. have a great day dear!


Em x said...

Gorgeous locket. The only vintage store in my town closed down recently :(

單存 said...
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daisychain said...

DP have really pulled their socks up lately.

Thanks for your e-mail, I SHALL reply over the weekend x

Margaux. said...

I love the necklace