07 March 2012


"If they don't want to work for us,they don't have to."
Quote;Marc Jacobs

*Shocker* revelation,or is it?The 'news' that the fashion industry has an arrogant and ugly side.
Referring to the leaked confession of an ex-Marc Jacobs catwalk model,who's fashion dream and ambition was taken great advantage of,receiving no wages for her hours of catwalk-walks.
The fashion industry is a swine for leading models and interns (intern being the embellished version for exploit)astray,dangling the elusive fashion career in front of them as the intern meets demands following,fetching,nodding,eager-eager like some desperate obedient dog juggling and performing fancy fashion tricks keeping one eye focused on that fashion prize.Close yet far out of reach distance between the dangling dream and all your determination widening balancing on the horizon,keeping the frustration and the 'are they going to reward my months of hard work and being proactive with an permanent paid position?' anxiety well concealed.Must-not-crumble-continue-to-impress.Just one more month remaining this interning will be over.And you want this bad enough,so bad you'll see this intern through gotta push on through.Block out the bad part and knock 'em out you bad ass intern you!
Marc Jacobs isn't the only influential fashion figure content with taking advantage of the ambitious.Fashion is a game,hence why these fashion insiders are allowed to bend and break basic employment rules/laws.You can be well armed with tactics,roll the dice of determination take that gamble give up the dull day job live off your savings for several weeks/months whilst you volunteer,um intern,I mean...for some wealthy fashion whoever designer/editor etc.
Adopt your game playing poker face don't assume though,never assume these piss-taking people will provide you with any job position once you've completed numerous challenges (...all of which designed to test your capability and expand your skill set,of course intern) and succeeded to sway the bitter bitch bullets as *the fashion game involves several other highly
competitive players and your-employer-who- has-no-intentions-of-implementing-a-payroll- for -you cheat.Gasp such cheats include big fashion players such as Marc Jacobs,oh and he always creates such awesome advertisement campaigns too.Cunning game tactic perhaps?To distract fashion outsiders from the trendy corrupted silhouette of fashion.Mwa x!

Marc Jacobs campaign

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