19 March 2012


image above by Marie Zucker

Photo prettyneons

...Morrrrning!It's another brand spanking stylish and new Monday...yes really,already the weekend has been and gone,oh by-the-by thanks for all the nice emails!I'll never turn down the opportunity to absorb complements and in general roll in some glitter,so yep cheers very much for hanging out over here in this small cosy quirky fashion corner.Of all the enjoyable fashion/style blogs bouncing around and you pick prettyneons,aw I do believe my blog is blushing.Honestly I was a little concerned I may of turned you all off,accidentally encouraging clicks of rejection.As I've now altered the contents of this blog ever so slightly to adapt and make space for the odd jobseeking confession courtesy of moi.The girl without any job role,desperately digging and chipping away in the attempt to carve out some form of a fashion career;well obviously it had to have fashion involved somewhere didn't it?Yadda and so on's

...Whilst scanning through emails and reading your pretty words,I'm intrigued how you fellow fashion bloggers kick off a new week?Me?I prepare for prettyneons by compiling together my rainbow of post it notes and riffling through one of many scrapbooks (see above) followed by a flicking of fashion magazines and I'm good to go,let the blogging commence!Somewhere inbetween all of the above,I rummage around for newly undiscovered online destinations where I can drool over dresses and maybe sneak one into my unsuspecting wardrobe.Talking of dresses,the one from Friday I do believe came from Newlook two/three summers ago,it's a keeper!


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