28 March 2012


images courtesy of rockmyvintage
Admittedly there has been no further progress in regards to yesterdays culling of vintage bags/dresses that dominate my wardrobe,actually rather then moving forward,putting vintage on hold.I've gone and embraced yet more vintage .*Epic fail*
Ah ah,now before you judge and write me off as a weak-willed individual I've my valid excuses for these recent vintage cravings...it's been one of those days so comfort eating vs clothes shopping?No brainer isn't it?
And yes correct my crappy day is indeed related to that old chest nut being unemployed alas job seeking sick-of-it.Once again today I attended another tedious jobseeking interview to sign a jobseeking agreement.Cue 'upgraded' job advisor,cue condescending and cue nail in the career coffin as the job advisor suggests it's time I now become "more realistic" apparently my fashion ambitions do not meet the realistic approval of the job advisers,in fact they go totally ignored and I'm silenced with a Saturday sweet shop job vacancy.
Paper round stuff,I kid you not.
As I sit stunned in silence,lost in thought of past regrets (higher education),I'm further offended as I'm informed to attend a compulsory CV work shop course at a local college.
School drop out stuff,I kid you not.
I refuse and investigate the fashion internship route after reading the success story of an unemployed twenty something Company magazine intern-she now has a paid career at Company after being supported/backed by a new government scheme.Suddenly the shit situation is showing signs of improvement.For the first time in ages post job redundancy I'm not redundant in body,soul or mind.I'm overwhelmed with a wave of positivity,excited by what tomorrow might bring me,what is going to come my way?
" I've just looked into that government internship (...*ekk I heart you Cameron and co!*)
for you."This is it that elusive opportunity.
"The government does now recognise creative internships,all expenses involved are covered for candidates too which is a new introduction by the government (...*whoop go Cam,go Cam*) unfortunately you don't qualify for this as the age for internships are 18-24."
"Say what?" (me)
"18-24 years old are the age for sponsored/funded internships,this isn't an option for you."
I kid you not.This isn't a sick Cameron David joke.
Twenty five years old,dismissed and now depressed.I need a new dress,'tis my b'day in a few days and these beauts are high up on my wish list.
Um second only to wanting an explanation for the absurd from the government.Including a refund for my faulty degree.
That is all.

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