27 March 2012


Photos by prettyneons

Huff,I'm stuck.Stuck,stuck,stuck totally style static even?The sudden weather developments and general hot climate has caught me out,were unprepared.That's both the wardrobe and I collectively we are a complete utter shambles,tearing at the seams and unraveling into a downward spiral of chaos.Jeez,all I need to do is get dressed and pull something pretty together out of the complicated,colourful and clashing ingredients these clothes (see above) over spilling onto my bed can be pin pointed and traced back to the wardrobe.The trail of clothes being fail proof evidence.As for the untidy,scatty events that unfolded afterwards is a mere hazy blur.All I can really recall is being intimidated by my very own clothes rails,alas gaining a sore head in an weak effort of an attempt to detox,de-clutter and dilute down the wardrobes content consisting of carnage and contradictions.Suppose I should be willing to except some responsibility?This moment of I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR (blatantly untrue) melt down slash madness,slash state of panic was inevitable.Self inflicted.This fact really isn't helping me commit to a final getting dressed decision,nope.I remain standing here in my morning sweats-baggy leggings,ridiculous over sized T-shirt and rabbit head slippers (...not as sinister as they sound,the slippers are actually quite sweet) starring into space addressing a very real addiction to myself,'Stop it.Stop with the vintage bag buying.Culling is the way forward-time to edit'

the bossy nagging,intruding thought I mute and overide with a new 'must have' mental shopping list instead I need some skirts,summer brogues and non-saggy baggy leggings...and so here we go again.

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