14 March 2012


I have stashes of books stuffed into every spare space available-paperbacks,hardbacks,antique books,Sci-fi,thrillers,comedy,history,and of course Sophie Kinsella is amongst that lot...I'm a girl it has to be done Okay?It isn't rare for me to dedicate my empty weekends with a back-to-back book binge *confession* my version of bliss includes a)bookshop b)complete with snug sofa area and c) a paper cup filled with hot choc coffee all the above are ideal ingredients for a slackers afternoon of consuming chapters and in general being a book worm.Bookshelves of mine are buckling under the hefty kg something weight,of which my extensive array of books balance collectively,the clumsy arrangement where some sit traditionally in the classic book pose of side-by-side.Others are hastily squeezed into tiny slits and slots contents and corners protruding out,remainders are alternatively stacked up-up high reaching dizzy skyscraper heights.There is one story missing from my ever breeding book collection,the classic Love story (see below) I've been infatuated with Olympia Le-Tan novel clutch bag creations for too long frankly.Romance began unexpectedly once upon a time in a unlikely location of the very ordinary no 9 bus,there on a red/grey patterned empty and dusty seat embellished with pink spots of chewing gum sat an Olympia bag,and this heart of mine was immediately hijacked right there,right then in that moment I remained in a dreamy haze pondering over the disowned handbag;will I ever discover it's name?Will we ever collide again?Is there a happy ending to this story...?Um yeah so girl returned for her bag,I done some investigative work i.e quizzed girl owner of book bag where she got it from.To no avail as apparently the bag was a gift etc etc's.I googled various combinations of bags/books/books/bags/bags that look like books-searching for a brief five minute eternity I stumble upon Olympia Le-Tan.Happy ever after ending not included,as tragically to this day I fail to obtain my very own piece of Olympia.*Huff*.

images courtesy of Olympia Le -Tan

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