06 March 2012


Do you know why I adore New Girl (if you've failed to miss the Friday comedy?Tune in and catch up already,jeez),so so very much?Finally we hardcore Zooey fans get to see a whole lot more of her,hooorars!She is no longer our underground girl crush,oh no no no the Zooey-style-swooning has just arrived at destination epic.Collectively all us girls can admire and experience a healthy dose of Deschanel envy,and collectively we shall scratch our heads and wonder how does Zooey do it eh?
THAT mighty impressive wardrobe being the reference point.Obviously.
When shopping I much prefer to invade the sale rails solo,however I'm just going to throw out an invite to Zooey Deschanel if she wants to accept the invite to tag along with me next time I go on a shopping spree...your welcome Zooey,we can consume coffee,and discuss dresses and p.s,I champion Modcloth too!Best buds right?Yep,yep.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Company magazine,as our Zooey is in there my fellow style stalkers.Yup gracing the front cover of a mainstream magazine,ah it's only taken how many years?Our let that slip.Now is better than never I guess?Though in my humble opinion Zooey should have been hailed a style inspiration yonks ago,as for many of us fashion bloggers have been dedicated to all things Deschanel since blogger.com was a 'cikle baby,HA!I'm on a massive Zooey high right now.Does it show,huh?

images courtesy of company

...Man did I receive some amusing stares after letting out a hyper,loud pitched over dramatic screech of appreciation it's all a bit of a daze now.But at one point I do recall punching up into the air and turning to a complete stranger (he was browsing the alternative music magazine,and looked both disgusted and mortified by I,the hollow headed 'fashion victim'.Tut, stereotypes...what can you do?) flick to the Zooey feature (the only feature that mattered to me) waving it into their bemused,baffled and slightly alarmed face,reading the quotes out loud.Really really loud-Security!

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