22 March 2012


I've some hesitation before I even begin to drop my words and kick off today's post.
Aware that I may sound like a 'victim' alas aware that my unemployment rants are becoming repetitive and growing old,bear with me as I'm now making a pledge that this up and coming dreary job seeking entry will be my last for this week.Tomorrow I will keep things relaxed,fashion casual,alright?Until then I need to iron some stubborn creases out,shake off the stress and conundrums I've experienced today,and so it begins...

I attended my jobseeking appointment this morning,with a career advisor *minus the career and advice definition part* revealed the efforts I've been putting in to finding a job (compulsory to claim jobseekers),I explain how several fashion stores have failed to provide me with an interview because over half of those vacancies were filled internally (...by-the-by fucking frustration,excuse the french,I need anger management!),I mention my 6 month fashion internship I was offered last week (to my complete and utter surprise one glitch it's in NewYork.Yup stuff that dreams are made of-etc)which would mean commuting between London and NewYork whoop jet set.This jet set opportunity though is littered both with obstacles,complications and is just so...messy.I can except the internships,however unlike apprenticeships which are government funded/backed the jobseekers and my only source of income post redundancy will be discontinued.When will THEY the powers that be in government recognise how extremely tough the fashion industry is to break through in?The path to obtaining a fashion career is an array of gambles,try-outs and catch 22's.I can't work for 6 months for free,and I detest be exploited,then again seems the fashion industry is immune from basic employment laws and regulations.I can't begin to digest such an amazing shot/ career starter...how do I fix this?How do I get my fashion fix when restrictions continue to pull me back,to have to reject this offer is pulling me apart.
That is all.

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