26 March 2012


Ah so I won't name and shame despite the temptation,lets just say a popular plus size fashion label have been in touch with me today,requesting I become style ambassador for them in return I'll receive free frocks and e-t-crrrr's.
Firstly that term 'plus size',makes me cringe worse than that 'larger lady' jargon... feeling uncomfortable.It's THAT out of touch.Dusty,frumpy and so damn special needs,no?What woman is Okay with being defined and confined by her clothes size?How many girls have one consistent size in their wardrobe anyway and who bothers doing the math?Heck count me right out!My wardrobe consists of conflicting sizes which no calculator could add up accurately and equal.I appreciate those who are content with being put down as a plus size or/petite and so and so,however such tags only make me feel queasy and claustrophobic...surrounded by silly irrelevant style restrictions,which I wouldn't want to encourage free fat frocks or no free fat frocks.Rather frumpy frocks too in my humble opinion,umm *pro-tip* us size 12 and up girls really dislike being flogged bin bag's for dresses and peeeeved-off with never ending length of sleeve which overshadows our summer time style.Yes I'm a size 12.Correct I'm the owner of curves which do include the following features: tits,bum and hips.But my arms?My arms are,well an arm what else can I say?Why do I want to conceal them under miles of fabric for?In case I reveal my armpits which aren't concave?Or heaven forbid in case I reveal the slightest itsy bit off *gasp* flesh?'Fat' flesh flaunting strictly forbidden is it now?Pa-lease 'plus' size fashion observe take a look around times are a changing curves can wear crop tops too,is it not about time you adapt and alter your retro like catalogue fatter-girl image like those I remember seeing as a child,snubbed and shoved at the back end of my mum's numerous fashion catalogues.Of course,they were always outnumbered by the beach body babes which even as five year old I was cleaver enough to connect such pictures with hunger pains.
With fashion catalogues pretty much extinct and no longer a child but an adult,despite fashion's (non convincing) efforts of pretending to be cool with curves and down with double digit dress sizes so to speak.Curvier i.e very normal ordinary girls continue to be encouraged almost forced to maintain style silence,still shoved to the back of fashion designers priority.Why?Because their silhouette refuses to conform to catwalk cardboard cookie cut outs?Completely crazy and grossly old fashioned.Insert a disgusted *eww *here if you want?

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